Annual Goals for 2015 - Goalbushido

I am so EXCITED about 2015 that I am jumping out of my chair this morning!

Do you want me to review your 2015 goals? Do you want help on writing Annual Goals for 2015, for Health, Relationships, Finances, Business, and Personal? If so, just reply to this blog or email me, and share goals, or ask me to point you to our updated Goalbushido system for writing goals - no cost.

Over the last 8 years we have helped over 3,000 people around the world learn about Goalbushido, and over 1,000 have written annual goals. We know goals.

Business Plan 2015 - Billion Dollar Agent Business Plan for You

We are offering a $99 One Page Business Plan Service for top real estate agents. I have reviewed over 100 financial statements of Billion Dollar Agents doing over $1,000,000 GCI, and many more smaller agents. We have created a NEW One Page Business Plan which will nail down Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activities to achieve X transactions, Y sales volume, Z GCI gross commission income, and $$$ net profit. Keep it simple and clear. A One Page Business Plan is enough.

If you are a client, we just bill 5 hours on your account. If you are not currently a client, you do a one-time payment of $99 to via PayPal. Everyone reading this MUST, MUST, MUST have Annual Goals for 2015, and Business Plan for 2015 completed by 1:15pm on 1/15/15, or you are not a 'player' for 2015. If you already have yours done - just send to me.

Forward this email to your three fellow agent friends who you like to work with on accountability or sharing, and have them do this also. Would you like to do Goalbushido Annual Goals, or Business Plan, or both? Reply now.

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·   Business Plan of a Billion Dollar Agent

Time Happiness Money

Bushido baby! We launched! Yesterday 12 top agents around the country started the first ever Time Happiness Money group with Best Agent Business. If you forgot to sign up, you can still join for the February group. Reply to this blog or email me if you want to join. 

This is not coaching. This is not therapy. This is nothing like anything you have seen. This is a disruptive innovation. I call it Triangle Journal Bushido.   

Steve's Musings

I offered a complimentary Goalbushido session to my 20 and 18 year old daughters last night after we had Chinese dinner out. They declined. Bummer. Does that happen to any other parent out there?

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