Closing Management is a Profit Center, SendOutCards, and Buyer Web Leads

Buyer Web Leads - TigerLead, BoomTown, and Market Leader - We Did It!
We have cracked the code. Best Agent Business, after working on this challenge for about two years, cracked the code on the Big Buyer Boom, and maximizing profitability of a massive 100+ leads per month buyer web lead generation. Big Buyer Boom includes awesome services like TigerLead, BoomTown, and Market Leader.

We maximize profitability of massive buyer web lead marketing. Most of you focus solely on the conversion of leads to closed deals. In rough terms, industry standards are perhaps 1-2% conversion of leads to deals. If you do EVERYTHING we advise, we can achieve 5% conversion.

But - and listen closely because this is the key - many top teams are making very little net profit after spending $2,000-$5,000/month on these Big Buyer Boom systems. The key is net profits. That is why you are in business. Increasing the conversion rate from 1% to 5% is only one of about five key parts of our system to Maximize Big Buyer Boom Profits. I am ready to spill the beans. But do not ask me unless you are willing to focus for 30 minutes on paper, and 30 minutes on the phone, to see the Best Agent Business vision. This is another key result of our ongoing Billion Dollar Agent research.

SendOutCards - Greeting Cards for Marketing
We actively use
SendOutCards for marketing to our leads and clients. We also use SendOutCards for many of our clients. You can use them for keeping in touch with Clients/SOI for holidays and birthdays; introducing your company to buyer leads who are likely 3 to 12 months out; following up on listing appointments, and touching a Seller during the listing/closing process. You can test the system and signup for some free sample cards on the website.

Closing Management - Profit Center Not Cost Center
Most agents think Closing Management is a cost center with operational costs of $200-$500 per closed deal. Some of you do closings yourself, some have an in-house assistant, and some outsource to a virtual assistant. Best Agent Business is doing closing work for many clients, and will greatly expand in 2015. We have a system which makes Closing Management a profit center, not a cost center. The key is that we advise to invest additional client touch time and resources to proactively turn every 'transaction' into a loyal and raving fan to ask and receive multiple referrals within the first 100 days after closing. Since each new buyer/seller lead is worth $50-$500 via referral, our goal is to have you hire us for all your Closing Management, and the referral leads we generate will be worth more to you than the cost of our time to do Closing Management. Give us a try.

Steve's Musings
Coffee, coffee, coffee. Focus, focus, focus. Sitting here at 7:42am in Bethesda, MD. Dogs have been walked. Classical music on Napster. Super clear focus day with about 4 hours on phone, about 2 hours strategy/planning, 3 hours Sales and 2 hours Clients. Most importantly, the usual 2:30-4:00pm workout slot.

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