The Balance of Time, Happiness and Money

Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money.

Reply to this blog or email me, and tell me your first gut reaction reading those three words while thinking about your work and your business. See below AFTER you reply to me. Reply first.

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Time, Happiness, Money

You decide, and spend X hours working per week on your business. You decide on what you do in your business, and your happiness level at work. You decide what money you NEED to make to survive versus money you WANT to make.

I have another new, simple theory based on Time, Happiness, Money.

If you tell me how many hours you will work per week, how much of that time you want to be happy doing what you are doing, and the amount of money you NEED and WANT to make, I can come up with a game plan for you.

I will do it for free, even if you’re not already a client, to help you, and so I can learn more. Schedule a call with me HERE.

Most clients who are working 70 hours per week would be happier, and make more money working 50 hours per week. Most clients, only happy 20% of the time at work, quickly make it 50% once they use our Time Management Challenge. Most clients, who follow our systems, increase their net profit by 20% per year.

Client Case Studies - Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips based on recent client calls or meetings.   

Lost in Space - $1,000 of Hot Buyer Leads from Calling
I spoke to a few clients in the past month that could be making more money if they just worked closer with their Caller from Best Agent Business, and spoke to them weekly for 10 minutes. I keep finding clients who pay us $1,000, and we escalate to them 5 - 10 Golden Eggs of Buyer or Seller leads, but then they drop the ball, or fail to inform the Caller to track down the lead again and schedule a phone call with agent. If you work better talking to someone on phone rather than email, then schedule a weekly 10 minute call with your Caller, and they can be ready, read off the lead names, and ask you for status.

What Job Do You Need to Get Done?

What jobs do buyers need to get done? How about a seller? Are you organized to fully help them get that job done? See HERE for some business school ideas. What job do you need to get done at your business, which Best Agent Business may be able to help you with?

Steve's Musings

How will you measure your life? See for great ideas and book by top Harvard professor. I read it this week.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsSteve Kantor • December 09 2014 04:11AM


Money is the secondary gain when the fuel is passion, desire, full throttle drive that drives the marketing bus. You save time because you cut to the chase on what matters and see the need 20-20 in the can I help you and doing it. Listening, taking very good notes. But not bogged down in worrying about the money. Take care of the customer, all about them. You'll get your just reward in proportion to the effort and superior creative approach you pour in.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) about 4 years ago

Very thoughtful and insightful comment, Andrew. Thanks!!

Posted by Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business - Virtual Assistance (BEST AGENT BUSINESS) about 4 years ago