What Would You Pay For a Seller Listing Appointment Or a Golden Egg?

How much would you pay for a Seller Listing Appointment?

Okay, this is something new and different. When you do marketing and generate leads, that is only the first step of the process. For example, if you generate 100 buyer web leads, you may end up with only 5-10 qualified buyers ready for showings. What if you could buy Seller Expired Listing Appointments and Buyer Pre-Approved Ready for Showings? How much would you pay? 

  • Example using Referrals: If your average sales price is $200,000 and 3% commission is $6,000 and you pay 25% referral fee, you will spend $1,500 for a closed deal.  Imagine that 1 in 3 listing appointments result in a closed deal. In this case, you would pay $500 for a Seller Listing Appointment.
  • Seller Expired Listing Appointment: How much would you be willing to pay? Assume that the seller has expired, is still interested in selling, has not relisted with the same agent, and you get a listing appointment? 
  • Buyer Pre-Approved Ready for Showings: How much would you be willing to pay? Imagine a buyer lead that has been contacted and nurtured over a number of months. They have been sent to your lender and received pre-approval, in writing, and ready to buy a home. 

Golden Egg - We Are Going to Follow Your Leads

Our Calling Team has grown exponentially over the years. Our calling assistants do calling for about a third of our clients. I strongly recommend if you’re a client and you are not having us do calling, to start ASAP. If you’re not a client but want us to do your calling, email me, call me or reply to this blog. The return on investment is huge and we can document it very clearly.

We have decided that just passing/escalating a Buyer - A or Seller - A lead from our calling to you or your buyer's agents is not enough. We changed our systems a few years back so that we would STICK WITH THE LEAD FOREVER. You spent good money to get a lead to that stage. We do not want the money wasted and our Callers literally ask to be removed from client accounts where the salespeople, (lead agent or buyer's agents), do not seem to follow-up and work leads fully and update Weekly Lead Reports.

So, we are calling every lead escalated to Buyer/Seller A status a Golden Egg and our team will watch and maintain periodic customer service contact with each Golden Egg forever. That means that if your buyer's agent are dropping the ball, you will hear from us loud and clear

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