Open the Book, Use Seller Feedback, and Call 800 IVR Leads

Buyer 800 IVR Systems

Would you rather have an incoming sign call or a web lead? If you have 5 or more listings, you should be using an 800 IVR system such as Proquest, ARCH and others. The cost is about $40-$50/month and a Buyer 800 IVR lead, when managed properly, is probably worth 2-3 buyer web leads. We can help you select and implement an 800 IVR system. More importantly, we can help integrate it fully into your listing marketing and other marketing. We can even call the buyer leads from your 800 IVR system. Stop wasting all those 800 IVR leads and let us start calling those leads today.

Seller Feedback - Less Stress and Happier Clients  

Best Agent Business can call your Sellers from Seller Feedback. We can call your active sellers on a weekly or monthly basis to touch base on a customer service call. This can benefit you in a few ways: less stress, more proactive contact reduces fire-fighting, third-party calling gets more direct feedback, identifies price reduction discussions, makes sellers happier, makes you happier, and builds relationships for long-term referrals. If you’re already a client, we can get started within one week. If you’re not but would like to be or just want more information first, email me, call me or reply to this blog.

Your Listing Presentation as a Book 

You may have heard about this before but have no idea how to go about it. It’s a great way to leap ahead of any competition for Listing Appointments and get Expireds Leads to pay attention, call you, and list with you.  

Best Agent Business is also a book publisher and has used a variety of self-publishing platforms and published many books for ourselves or others in recent years. See HERE to preview a book and flip through a few pages. This is a creative project from our Coffee Stories projects which have since been published, see HERE and HERE. Imagine that for only 5-10 hours, we can design a custom Listing Presentation book of 20-30 pages. It only costs $15-30 for paperback/hardcover to print a single book at a time. See HERE for a sample.

For about $50 including our time, printing, and shipping, we could have shipped to an Expired a custom book with a picture of their home on the cover, their address and name and your Listing Presentation. Okay, so who is so excited they want to leap through the computer screen and ask me to get started ASAP? 

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