Don't Be Mr. Nice Guy and Maybe You Shouldn't Work Expireds

Expireds - Should You Work Expireds?


If your personality and business profile fit the criteria below, you should work expireds. Of our clients, only about 20% should work expireds. Here are criteria:

· In your market, more than 30% of listings currently expire


· You have a strong listing and sales persona and love to WIN the listing


· You are willing to walk away from listings unless the price is right


· You are willing to spend 30 minutes every single day calling expireds


· You are aggressive enough to want to achieve 10%+ market share of expireds


If this doesn't sound like you, refocus elsewhere.


Accountability - My Experience as a Manager


You need to hold your staff more accountable. Many of you have a buyer's agent, referral agent, or in-house assistant. We see a constant problem among agents in the $100,000 - $1,000,000 range of people management and accountability. By the way, most of our Billion Dollar Agents in the $1,000,000 - $5,000,000 GCI range do not have this problem.


I have reviewed over 20,000 resumes in 25 years and hired/fired over 300 people. I probably wasted 10 years in my first business NOT holding staff clearly accountable because I wanted to be 'nice' or be 'liked by my staff' or 'be easy going.' This was the wrong approach. If you need to talk this out with me, just ask. Speaking of which...


Recruiting Assistance


We provide services to help brokers/recruiters recruit agents to their offices. We have particular expertise with independent brokerages, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams. If you are a broker/owner, a part owner, or friendly with the broker, recruiter, or Team Leader in your office, connect them with me to chat. Overall, at least 50% of the hours to do agent recruiting is $20/hour assistant work. Feel free to mention our services to your broker/owner, call me, email me, or reply to this blog.


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