Stop Giving Charity to Your Broker Owner and Use the Welcome Wagon

Farm Marketing - Welcome Wagon
New people move into your farm market on a regular basis. Are you reaching out to them? You may not have been the real estate agent who sold them their house, but you might be the one who sells the next one to them!

Keep track of new home buyers in your community, and make a point to greet them. Welcome them to the town or neighborhood. Take along a house-warming gift of some local treats or a nicely put together community guide. Share with them some of your favorite places around town. Invite them to any upcoming community event that you know of. We can help track closings in your Farm, track down new owners and organize your Welcome Wagon. Need help? Just ask.


Green Money Lead Sheets - The New GMLS

We have a client in Wilmington, NC who invented a buzzword - GMLS for Green Money Lead Sheets a few years back. Our sharpest clients are using these, (if you’re a client just ask for a copy), to capture 100% of their incoming leads. Each lead is worth $100 in your business. By having copies at home, office, and in your car, these leading clients of Best Agent Business have stopped burning $100 bills like 90% of agents in the country. Would you like to be a 'sharpest client?' Ask me.


Market Snapshot in Top Producer - Clients/SOI and Seller Leads

If you have Market Snapshot, you are likely not fully utilizing the service and it is not cheap. If you’re a client, email me what you are doing, your wish list, and we will toss out a few more ideas and implement within one week. Even if you’re not a client, feel free to email me anyway. I’d still like to help.


Stop Giving Charity to Your Broker/Owner

I am in constant pain when I see some clients giving an extra $10,000-$50,000 per year in commission splits to their broker/owners more than what is normal. I strongly suggest you increase your net profit or give that money to your favorite charity, NOT to your broker/owner. You know who you are. Let's chat.


Steve's Musings

Have you considered video emails to clients or prospects? If you already do this, please send me a sample and I’ll return the favor. It is great to connect with distant buyer/seller leads or a fun touch for Clients/SOI. Make people smile and laugh.

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