Going to the EO Forum and Are You Too Busy?

Too many agents fail to add more staff in spring/summer to handle business surge. Most agents could do 30% more deals in spring/summer if they just staffed up temporarily in spring/summer with more assistant and calling help.

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Lazy Buyer's Agent

Weekly Review of Schedule - Time Management Tip

Too Busy? - Get More Help Now

Every year, the majority of our clients are "too busy" during spring/summer to pause to add staff to handle business growth and potential business. Yes, life is good in spring/summer, you are closing many deals, and cash flow gets better and better as you move through summer months. But have you ever considered how much business you could do if fully staffed with assistant and calling help during spring/summer? You would stop leaving so much business on the table.

Stop for a minute. Think about this. Spend Saturday morning musing on the next 100 days of your business. Would it perhaps make sense to invest an extra $5,000-$10,000 in assistant/calling services and close an extra 5-10 deals?

If so, either hire more in-house assistant help or our virtual assistant services. Same with our Calling services or hire more local Callers. One benefit of our services is that you can scale up in busy season and scale down in slow season.

Nothing New in Busy Season

Do not try to add new projects or new big systems during your busy season. It is not a good use of resources. Focus on maximizing current business and leads on the table.

EO Forum

I spent a day this week at EO Forum Training. EO is the world's leading organization of entrepreneurs. See EO HERE. If you qualify, with over $1,000,000 revenue, you should consider joining. Let me connect you to proper person. I have taken ideas from EO Forum for our Lifebushido Triangle efforts. I aspire to have a Billion Dollar Agent Triangle program in the future to link together three similar agents/clients for peer-peer mentoring virtually in different market areas. If you’re a client, tell me if interested in no cost beta test. Even if you’re not a client, tell me anyway or reply to this blog and we’ll talk.

Steve's Musings

Do Less. Do Less. Talent. Slower. Thank You. Motivate. Delegate. Ask Ask Ask. Help Please. Meditate. Balance Work. Mentors. Talent. Encourage. Do Less. Slower.

P.S.  It is Cherry Blossom peak season in Washington, DC. I will be heading down this weekend to see and smell the Cherry Blossoms. Enjoy some pics to soothe your soul HERE

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