Focusing on Your Unique Talents

Repeat after me: "I will discover and focus on my unique talent during focus hours."

The key to becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is focus. You must focus more than other agents and teams. You must discover your unique talent and spend increasing amounts of time on your unique talent. You must use the Time Management System of a Billion Dollar Agent and schedule focus hours. You must slow down to focus more. In 100 days, the average real estate agent doing over $100,000 in GCI can instantly become twice as productive with their time using our time management system.


The secret to becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is focus. Focus on your unique talent and delegate everything else. Steve Jobs focused. Concert violinists focus. Olympic athletes focus. Focus means success. Focus is a deep connection forged with a first-time buyer during a buyer consultation. Focus is helping a seller price their home properly to sell it within 30 days. Focus is spending a focus hour calling your buyer/seller leads without touching email. Focus is a weekly strategy hour to work ON your business. Focus is not easy.

The human brain is built to allow and adapt to distraction and interruption. Being in a state of flow and focus is hard. This is why so few small business entrepreneurs are able to achieve even $1M in revenue. Focus is hard. Focus is difficult. Focus is not natural, not easy, and not a typical skill of a top agent.

What is the main difference between a $200,000 agent and a $1,000,000 agent? The answer is focus. You increase your focus one day at a time. You can develop daily habits and rituals in ten days using our Perfect Day and Time Management systems.

Once you establish your daily habits and rituals, we can place you in a Billion Dollar Agent Triangle with two other top agents. The triangle will provide a daily email for 100 days that will transform your sense of time management and your ability to focus. Habits are not formed in 21 days. Habits are formed over 100 days.

The amount of time you waste every single day is huge. Right now, more than 50 percent of your time is wasted by doing nothing. You drive around in cars doing nothing, you lose focus, or you do $20/hour tasks which should be delegated ASAP. How many hours a week are you truly engaged in focus hours? What would happen if you instantly doubled those focus hours daily?


All successful businesspeople understand the power of leverage. Solid time management is simply achieving leverage over the 40 to 60 hours per week of work you are currently spending on your business. Time management is a missing ingredient for almost all top agents. Best Agent Business has created and tested our time management system with over 100 agents over the past few years.

With our time management system, you can leverage your time and be twice as productive within 100 days. At the end of the 100 days, you will be happier with your work and business, get along better with your family and staff, have less stress in your life, and work fewer hours.

Unique Talent

Everyone has a unique talent. Many people have a few unique talents. Answer these questions to help figure them out:

·         What do you love to do in real estate?

·         What pumps you up and gives you positive emotional energy?

·         What do you do best or better than almost anyone else you know in real estate?

·         What do you do that makes time slow down and disappear when you are in a state of flow?

·         What do you look forward to on your daily schedule?

Still at a loss? Let me help. Call me, email me, reply to this blog and I can help you figure out what your unique talent(s) are and send you in the right direction.

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