Secret Code if You Are Currently a Billion Dollar Agent

Lifebushido, Best Agent Business and Billion Dollar Agent are an evolving vision and secret plan, except for those who can read between the lines. Can you read between the lines? Are you currently a Billion Dollar Agent who earned over $1,000,000 in GCI last year? Do you plan to grow to become a Billion Dollar Agent in the next 1,000 days? If so, you should contact us immediately!

There are over 1,000,000 real estate agents in the USA and Canada. We estimate that there are about 1,000 agents who are a Billion Dollar Agent. We are tracking down every single one of them. The following section is for the one in 1,000 agents who are Billion Dollar Agents.


  • Are you happy with your work mix and the percent of your work week that you spend focusing on your unique talents?
  • What would happen if you spent 80 percent of your time focusing on your unique talents?
  • Are you fine with your current revenue/GCI or do you still want to grow? What is your current GCI and what is your long-term GCI goal?
  • Is your net profit only 20 to 40 percent? Do you want to improve your net profit to over 50 percent?
  • What is the current net profit of your business? Do you think that is low, average or high compared to other Billion Dollar Agents? How much do you want to improve your net profit to 50 percent?
  • How big can your business grow? What is your Billion Dollar Agent Goal for revenue and GCI in the next 1,000 days? What are your goals for three years from now?
  • What is your financial exit strategy and how many years away is it? Are you doing anything creative to shift your personal income to capital gains over the next five to ten years? This means a shift from a 40 percent or higher tax rate to 20 percent.

What if?

  • What if 100 of the smartest, sharpest and most ambitious real estate team leaders decided to become Billion Dollar Agents and work together to achieve their goals?
  • What if knowledge was shared freely?
  • What if each Billion Dollar Agent spent one hour per week sharing their unique talents with other Billion Dollar Agents?
  • What if there was a structured, organized sequence of steps based on the profile of a Billion Dollar Agent?
  • What if you were organized into a Billion Dollar Agent Triangle with three fellow BDAs for peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability?
  • What if your group competed against other BDA Triangles to keep the juices flowing?
  • What if the goal was continuous, incremental improvement?
  • What if everyone agreed to not impulsively try the next thing that comes along?
  • What if everyone realized that ideas and knowledge are free? Did you know that only the systematic implementation of ideas has value and generates profits?
  • What if you could focus on your best systems, improve them and share them with other Billion Dollar Agents?
  • What if you could acquire, plug-and-play the best practices and systems for farm marketing, FSBO and showing to improve your business?
  • What is the value of increasing the net profit of 100 businesses with revenue of $1,000,000 and net profits of 30 percent to revenue levels of $2,000,000 and net profits of 50 percent?
  • How fun would it be to work together with peers and collaborate closely with 100 Billion Dollar Agents who you admire and respect?
  • How pumped up would you be if you could spend one hour per day helping 100 other agents grow their revenue and profits? What if you knew those 100 other agents were spending the same time working to grow your revenue and profits?

Anything is possible… This is the first blog in our Billion Dollar Agent series aimed to prove it.

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