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Amagooplebook! What is this? Where did the word come from? This is the new buzz word floating around the Internet. It comes from a combination of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook. But what does it mean? This is a new venture of Lifebushido. There are over 100 business applications that you could and should be using to help your business grow and make you more productive.


Technology is changing the way we do business. Are you up to speed? Does your business have a presence on the web? If not, you could be losing out on valuable business and customers. But don’t worry, Amagooplebook can help. Amagooplebook will help you and your business make the most of today’s technology.


How? Amagooplebook provides a list of over 100 business applications that are offered by Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook to you free of charge.


Do you need to create a video to enhance your business presence? Does your business need a website? Would a blog help your business grow? Would you like to get customers to view your presence on Facebook and see just how many people like what you’re doing and what your business represents? How about getting some customer testimonials so others can review them and see what a great company you have?


Do you need an easy way to get payments for the items or services you offer? Do you want to run an online meeting right from your Iphone or Ipad? Do you need to monitor current sales figures and analyze them instantly, even when you are away from your office? How about tracking tasks by project, person, place or date? Do you need to collaborate on projects with individuals or groups? 


Well, you can do all of these things and many, many more by using the business applications that Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple have available. There are so many great business applications available to you but where do you find them? When do you find the time to get these set up and working? You are so busy with all your normal day-to-day business operations. You just don’t have the time or the experience to get these applications moving forward.


Lifebushido can help you out! We have set up a new Amagooplebook Team that has compiled a list of over 100 business applications from Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook that you should and could use to help you grow your business and make you more productive and your office more tech savvy. 


We are offering two types of services. One is LG$99, which provides you with a choice of two business applications that we set up for you and get you rolling on with 5 hours of service. You will also get a half-hour call with the President of Lifebushido, Mr. Steve Kantor.


Our second service gives you much, much more. For $995, you get 50 hours of service. We analyze the best business applications for your business and make recommendations to you. We get them set up for you and get you going with them, and you also get a half-hour call with Lifebushido President, Mr. Steve Kantor. 


What could be more convenient or time saving for you or your company? We do the work and you reap the benefits of business applications from Amagooplebook presented by Lifebushido.  No time-consuming setups, no extended learning curve, no bothersome technical issues. We handle it all! All you have to do is watch the results when you put some of these applications into practice for your business. How easy is that?


Why not take a chance and see what we have to offer. Email us at and we will get the information out to you. And by the way, if you are a realtor and had $10,000,000 or more in sales in 2011, be among the first ten realtors to contact us, and you will receive a complimentary LG$99 Service. Once you have tried our complimentary service, we are sure you will be pleased. Let us know, and we will be glad to add you to our growing list of clients and upgrade your service so you can use more of these business applications and grow your business even more!





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Comment balloon 2 commentsSteve Kantor • March 21 2012 08:36AM


Very interesting, technology is always good to use and abuse!

Posted by Michael Maynard, "Welcome Home!" (New Neighbors Realty) almost 7 years ago

Use anyway! Thanks!

Posted by Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business - Virtual Assistance (BEST AGENT BUSINESS) almost 7 years ago