Put a Stop to Manic Mondays in Your Real Estate Business

It’s Monday morning. You sit down at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee, soft music playing in the background, refreshed from a relaxing weekend at the lake, satisfied that your real estate business is going well, your agents are rushing from showing to showing, it’s starting out to be the perfect day. You turn on your computer and access your database, spending a few minutes looking over the latest entries, you print off a list of your hot leads, shoot a quick email to your lukewarm leads, assign some to your office’s agents, then you pick up the phone to begin touching base with the three new seller leads you spoke to last week…

Well, ok that might sound perfect, but it may not be very close to your real Monday-morning routine. Perhaps your Monday mornings feel more like the Bangle’s old song, Manic Monday.

Maybe your database is a wreck, you wake up on Monday morning feeling like you are just one more week behind, your agents may be running from showing to showing, but you aren’t sure what they are showing or to whom, and you even heard that one of your hottest leads ended up at the real estate office across town. When you turn on your computer and access your database, you aren’t sure where to start. You can’t even remember which Mr. Smith it was that wanted to sell his $500,000 house! Just where are those notes you jotted down…?

Your business has been successful so far, but it’s been growing with more listings, more buyers and a couple of new agents. The problem is you haven’t had the time to stay on top of it all and now it will take much more time than you have to spare to get your database and new leads straightened out. So you don’t even bother.

That’s where an experienced virtual real estate assistant, like the ones that work with Best Agent Business, come in. Did you know that we specialize in cleaning up your database and getting it together so that you CAN spend a weekend or two at the lake without worrying about the mess that will greet you on Monday…because it won’t be a mess?

An assistant at Best Agent Business will get your database organized, code your old leads so that you know who to focus on, keep on top of your new leads as they come in, and send you a list ready for you to contact each week. If you receive a hot new lead, we will let you know immediately. If you want leads assigned to your agents based upon certain criteria, we will streamline the process so it happens smoothly.

In an ideal world, new leads are contacted within a day. This can happen with Best Agent Business. We even have callers who can make the initial screening call for you. We have marketers who will help bring in new leads from a variety of sources, even social media. We have marketers who can manage your email and print mail campaigns. We even have assistants with beautiful handwriting who can pen out a handwritten note to those who visited your open house last week.

Your dreams for your real estate business can happen. Set up a call with Steve Kantor to explore the ways that Best Agent Business can get your business back on track.

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