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fence, Best Agent BusinessOh, I love this neighborhood - I wonder if there are any homes for sale?  That scenario is played out often as people, searching for a new home, drive or walk through a neighborhood.  Now imagine the technology that could alert them to any available homes that matched their "wish list" as they entered the neighborhood boundaries.  The technology called "geo-fencing" is here and has to just be tweaked to work perfectly for real estate!

 A "geo-fence" is a virtual boundary around a specific geographic area.  When a person enters or leaves the geo-fenced area, a signal is sent to a device and it is possible to have an automated message sent to that person.  There is currently a service called ShopAlerts that uses this system to alert shoppers of retail stores nearby.  For instance, if you signed up for alerts from Old Navy, you would get a text message on your phone when you were near an Old Navy store, alerting you to sales, special events, etc.

Geo-fencing is not wide-spread for retail yet, but has been used to track car fleets and for security purposes such as alerts for children leaving an area.  AT&T is testing geo-fencing in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco this year.  Jet Blue started using geo-fencing around some airports in March.

According to Katie Lance on, there is huge potential for the combination of geo-fencing, cell phones, and GPS technology to be used in real estate marketing.  The opening question asked by the house hunters above, as they drove into a nice neighborhood, would be replaced with, "Oh, this is great - I just got a text from our real estate company that there's a perfect match for us just a few blocks away. Let's go look at it."

Keep an eye on this technology. You would have quite an advantage to be the first to use it in your area!  When you do an internet search for "geo-fencing for real estate" at this point, you'll find several articles about the future potential.  I don't think it will be far in the future before searches will produce listings of available software.

Best Agent Business has teams of virtual assistants who focus on real estate marketing and technology.  We will certainly be keeping abreast of geo-fencing for real estate and will keep you posted.  In the meantime, schedule a call with Best Agent Business President, Steve Kantor, to learn about the many services available to assist in your real estate success.

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