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The answer most likely depends on your age and whether you own a smart phone!  Some folks recognize the funny looking little black and white squares as a symbol containing information, and others wonder if it is something leftover from a crossword puzzle.  QR code stands for Quick Response Code and it is a specific matrix barcode that is designed to be read by smart phones.  The code is made up of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

We are all familiar with the barcodes used in retail.  The scanner at the checkout line reads the price and inventory information.  The QR code is different in that it is two dimensional; rather than lines running in vertical strips up and down it has boxes running left to right and up and down.  A QR code is scanned by a smart phone's camera and transfers information.  Depending on the type of code, it might take you to a website, make a phone call, address an email or download audio or video.

Take a few minutes and watch these two short videos.  In this case, pictures are worth a million words to get a better idea of what QR codes are and how they work. Here is a very simple explanation of QR codes. Here is a video showing a specific use for real estate.

The good news is that you can generate your own QR codes for free and get QR code readers for free.  You do need a smart phone, but let's face it - - you need a smart phone in this business anyway!  Just do an internet search for “free QR generator” and “free QR reader”, you'll find many choices.  The technology was developed in Japan several years ago and they created it as "open source".  There is no fee required to use it.

You may be asking, "Why would I want to bother to generate a QR code anyway?"  For starters, here are some ideas for your real estate business:


  • Rather than crowd your business card with too much information - make an attractive simple card and put a QR code on the back.  This code could op en to your website or LinkedIn page.  It could show a page with your current listi ngs or maybe a set of photos.
  • Put a QR code on property flyers to direct potential buyers to your website, or show additional photos or a video.  It could contain an easy email link or phone link to you.
  • A QR code on your For Sale signs can also lead interested persons to your website, Facebook page, email, or phone.  It could contain a video of the prope rty or a map of the area.
  • Include a QR code in the signage on your car.  No need for anyone to miss your phone number or information - all they have to do is snap the code as they go by with their smart phone.


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Comment balloon 4 commentsSteve Kantor • August 18 2011 08:42AM


I love the concept of QR codes and they've been successful in Asia and Europe for years now.  The problem I have is North America is so far behind with regard to our phones.  My own BB does not read QR codes and I'm in the business! (I am trying to decide which phone to upgrade to)   In my area, very very few people have smart phones and I don't see that changing anytime soon. 

Posted by Susan Emo, Kingston and the 1000 Islands Area (Sotheby's International Realty Canada - Brokerage) over 7 years ago

Problem is, without others having the equipment to scan your QR's, it wouldn't be especially helpful for you to have them. Too bad, they could be a big help. Thanks for your comment.

Posted by Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business - Virtual Assistance (BEST AGENT BUSINESS) over 7 years ago

QR's are really showing up a lot these days. I like that websites like realbird are making it easy to include them in marketing. I'm seeing agents using small QR code signs alongside their main signs. I want to try it because it seems like a great way to capture new buyer clients. Has anybody already had success using QR codes?

Posted by Dawn P Faulkner, in ATLANTA,GA (Dawn Realtors) over 7 years ago

Success anyone? Thanks for the question!

Posted by Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business - Virtual Assistance (BEST AGENT BUSINESS) over 7 years ago