BOO With a Smile - - Ghosting It Forward For Halloween 2011

Halloween ghost Aren't you sick of all the negative news flooding our lives?!  Halloween can be more than screams and scares, and last year the Best Agent Business folks had fun with "Ghosting It Forward".  Let's spread some cheer and positive messages by "ghosting" our friends, neighbors, and even strangers again this year!

Ghosting It Forward was a creative project of Lifebushido which is the parent company of Best Agent Business.  The concept was based on the book and movie called Pay It Forward, which encouraged people to do three good deeds for three other people and then asking the recipients to do the same thing and Pay It Forward.  In Ghosting It Forward, you give a small gift with a simple ghost drawing and instructions on how to "ghost" the next person.  You also put a copy of the ghost drawing on your front door to let others know that you have been "ghosted".  You can find the complete instructions and a ghost drawing at Ghosting It Forward Instructions.

Ideas for Ghosting surprises are plentiful.  You might ghost your co-workers with a fresh cup of coffee, nice cold soda, or Halloween donut on their desk along with the ghost note.  Here are some other ideas: pay for the next person in line at a movie or other event and leave a ghost note for them with the cashier, leave a little basket of candy or bottle of wine on your neighbor's doorstep with a ghost note, or take ghost notes with candy or a Halloween trinket to a hospital where volunteers will distribute them to patients.  I'm sure you can think of many other fun ghosting ideas!

Take a positive approach this Halloween season - - things are NOT all doom and gloom as our media would have us believe.  A bit of happiness with Ghosting It Forward can energize you and the recipients! 

Best Agent Business takes its work seriously, but also knows the value of inspiring and supporting others.  Schedule a call with Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business, to discuss your needs and how a real estate virtual assistant can positively impact your business.




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BOO With a Smile - - Ghosting It Forward For Halloween 2011
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