Become a Facebook Fan of Something Worthwhile

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Here is a commercial written with people who use Facebook for business in mind.

You see a Facebook page and an enthusiastic girl breathlessly announces:

"Well, I'm a Facebook fan of jeans and of candy and of hugs.  I'm a fan of smiles and cuddling, and unicorns and love, and  Fro Yo,. of course I'm a fan of Fro Yo.  And I'm a fan of becoming a fan of things! And clouds and birds and rainbows and the sun..."

The tagline is "It's time to become a fan of something worthwhile" in this case, of the Cleveland Airport, which offers coupons for those who fan it.  Even if you live in Phoenix, the point is relevant.

We get business pages on Facebook and invite our friends to become fans.  Many do, and ask us to return the favor.  Once we starting fanning - or even increase our friend base, for that matter - we suddenly are besieged with opportunities to become a fan of something else.  Being polite, we often do...

That action can make your wall a public display of politics you may not believe in, causes that may not be worth your time, or a whole family of posts that might not be of interest to your real friends or to client who see your business page.  The result might make interesting reading, but does what is there advance your message?

I thought of this the other day when I saw the page of an old friend who has jumped off the deep end in his adult years.  As a friend, I may still care about him, but there is no way I would want his views showing up on my wall.  I have resisted the impulse to fan him, or fan every product, business, or cause that pops up.  I believe in the logic of "becoming a fan of something worthwhile,"

As a Realtor®, you have to think about what is associated with you.  The theory behind Facebook is that hen people more about you, you are humanized.  People like to deal with humans, so when you buy, they will think of you.  However, your efforts on Facebook are part of your effort to build your brand. You do not want your brand to be tarnished by association.  Become a fan of something worthwhile!

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Become a Facebook Fan of Something Worthwhile
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