Consider Facebook For Cost Effective & Successful Targeted Ad Campaigns

How many times have you Facebook logo Best Agent Businesswanted to run an ad online but didn’t want to pay the premium fees that many companies are asking these days?  Have you thought about placing an ad, but didn’t want to waste money if it wasn’t going to your target market only?  Or have you ever wanted to just try out a paid ad for a week or so and see how it works?  All of these things are possible with Facebook Advertising.

 As a virtual assistant experienced in marketing, I tell my clients they need to be visible on Facebook and to have a Business Page.  You need to have an online presence to reach your potential and current clients.  Let it be known that I am not a fan of the type of “who cares?” postings like  what I had for breakfast, where I am at all times, or what my brother’s friend’s husband caught on his fishing trip.  However, Facebook is a massive marketing tool and we need to take advantage of the fact that everyone seems to be on Facebook.

 According to Wikipedia, Facebook has 600 million users.  Facebook also passed Google as the most visited website last year.  Facebook users are doing their searches directly on Facebook.  When using Facebook, I am sure you have noticed ads that appear on the right side.  Those are paid advertising spots.  The ads you see are targeted to you, either by your age, location, or a special hobby or group you belong to. This is prime space for your marketing campaigns.

Once you have decided you want to test out your first ad, all you need is a short blurb of text, about 20 words.  Then you need an eye catching headline and graphic.  Your virtual assistant can help you with the ad copy and ideas.  Next, you are able to pick your target market.  You can pick an age range, a location by country, state, or city, and then even further by selecting specific Facebook groups to target.  For example; if you are a realtor and your niche is horse ranch properties, you are able to select from all or some of the equestrian groups on Facebook.

You are able to determine how much you want to spend per click, and what amount you want to set as the upper limit per day. (Tip: Facebook will give you an estimated per click amount you should start at, but you don’t have to follow that as you can go lower in most cases) Depending on your area and target market, this will vary because others in your area might be doing similar advertising.

It has been my experience that in an unsaturated area, you can get solid results for as little as $10 per day.  You also can toggle the per click amount you pay.  If you see that you are getting lots of hits, you might be able to lower the per-click amount and still get the same desired traffic.  Alternatively, if you see you are not getting any hits, you can raise the amount until you see more traffic.  You can also set the ad to only run for a few days or a few months.

Your virtual assistant can do every step of this process for you, and manage the campaign for you as well.  Facebook has tracking systems you can implement or have your virtual assistant do the set up.  I highly recommend using Facebook Advertising to my clients; it is super user friendly, affordable and highly targeted.  Facebook is only going to get bigger, and you want to start utilizing this marketing while it is still relatively new.

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