Follow the Directions and Bake It Right

bakeIf you want to bake a cake, you can pull out a box of Betty Crocker, follow the directions, and wait 35 minutes.  If you have put in the right ingredients, beat the batter long enough, put it in the right sized pan, bake it long enough at the right temperature, and add some frosting, you have a good chance that the cake will taste just like the one Betty might serve to her family.  It make not look or taste like an Ace of Cakes creation, but it would do the job of providing a tasty desert for your family.  You might make it even better if you added a few extra touches, but making a box cake is basically  following a formula. 

If the cake flopped, you would try to think of what you might have done wrong.  Did you use enough eggs, oil, and water?  Did you beat the batter enough?  Was the oven temperature right?  Since, theoretically at least, anyone can make a cake, you might try to figure out where you went wrong, so that next time around, your creation would look like the one on the box.

When you go to a listing appointment, your goal is to acquire the listing.  Though you add your own flair in delivering the presentation, you basically follow certain procedures each time.  If something goes amiss, you can review the steps.

When you schedule a listing appointment, you should make sure that all of the corresponding database records are entered and correct. Your listing appointments should be tracked, even if you don't get the listing. Make sure to note follow-up dates, whether the client was lost due to competition or due to price. If you have this information, you can follow up every month to see if the property is sold. If or when it expires, you can contact the lead and try again. If you consistently lose clients after the listing presentation, you may want to consider revising your presentation.

Best Agent Business  has created and improved graphics and PowerPoint presentations for listing presentations and prelisting packages. We can also contact lost seller leads and ask them for feedback on your presentation as well as why they chose the other agent.

If you are interested in learning more about Best Agent Business, which provides real estate virtual assistants to top agents. please contact us today.   Schedule a needs assessment call with Steve Kantor, to learn how our experienced home-based real estate virtual assistants can help you with your listing needs, as well as calling, cleanup your database, and assisting with other administrative and marketing tasks.




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