Don't Forget to Ghost It Forward and Conferences Coming Up

Don't forget! We have an amazing idea for you to share this weekend with Clients/SOI/Vendors as well as family and friends. It is called Ghosting It Forward. See

Ghosting It Forward combines the 'pay it forward' concept of the book/movie with ghosting/booing. If you take the idea from the movie Pay It Forward, add a bit of Halloween, and the existing idea of Ghosting in your neighborhood, you get Ghosting It Forward.

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It's a little late now for Halloween, but for future reference, we can help you send an email notice about Ghosting It Forward, (or any other similar endeavor), to your Clients/SOI/Vendors anytime. Just reply to this blog and let's get started.

In today's world filled with seemingly constant negative news, Ghosting It Forward is an effort to spread some positive touches and messages to people who are close to you, namely your relatives, neighbors, and friends. Whether it is an anonymous note of thanks, a bunch of flowers, a bar of chocolate, an inspirational book or movie, or just a smiley face, Ghosting It Forward will energize people who send and receive positive touches.

See short video HERE about ghosting it forward. We hope you enjoy ghosting family and friends virtually or in your neighborhood! Lifebushido, my main venture, creates exciting creative and social entrepreneurial projects - this is one of them. See our wiki on creativity HERE.

Join us in Ghosting It Forward!

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Conferences - San Francisco for National Association of Realtors and Dallas for NAEA Kinder Reese:  I will be in San Fran November 6-11th for meetings, and we will have a vendor booth at the NAR conference. I'll be at Kinder Reese in Dallas November 12-16th, and I'm coming with a few surprise Ishidos, (great conference see HERE for info).  Please tell me if you are coming to any of these. I'd love to meet you.

Hoss Pratt - Dallas: Just got back from a fantastic two day conference. If you are a Hoss Pratt fan, I will share with you notes from the conference.

Craig Proctor - Orlando:  Just happening, but I could not get down there. If you were at the Craig Proctor conference this week, tell me. I'd like to hear about it.

Steve's Musings:

I have been travelling the last few weeks and got to see some phenomenal people. We had a great Billion Dollar Agent Mastermind in San Diego with 10 top agents hosted by Carlton Lund who is a Billion Dollar Agent and likely has done over $2 billion in his career. He is into giving back now and started a cool thing called a Kindness Meter, something like a parking meter, which you need to get for your community. The website isn't active yet, but I am sure Carlton will read this blog, and this will be a kick in his pants to get that active rather than pointing to his company website. Call me, Carlton.

P.S.  Do any of you wonder why I like to do crazy Lifebushido stuff like Ghosting It Forward?

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