Agent Recruiting Services and What's Coming Up in 2014

We are excited to announce our new Agent Recruiting Services. We can help recruit Buyer's Agents, Showing Agents, and Referral Agents. See short video below.

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Agent Recruiting

We developed and tested this service for 10 clients last year and we are ready to release to the public in 2014. 

Problem: Top agents are usually not experts in recruiting and hiring and because they do it so rarely and it is not done smoothly. Also, top agents tend to take too long to fire an agent who is not producing, often because they fear taking the time and energy to replace the Buyer's Agent with another agent.

Solution: Best Agent Business can run an on-going recruiting campaign for Buyer's Agents, Showing Agents, and Referral Agents:   

  • Create a target database of agents for recruiting
  • Post free and paid ads for recruiting agents
  • Manage and track all incoming recruits
  • Screen with email interview
  • Screen with phone interview
  • Screen with personality profiles
  • Hand to you for phone interview and in-person interview
  • Manage on-boarding process and aspects of training on systems

We do it all. Do you need more agents in 2014? Reply to this blog now and tell me your needs. See more details on our Best Agent Business wiki page HERE. We have over 100 pages of useful information on our wiki. Feel free to share with other agents.

Goals for 2014

What are your goals for 2014? Quick, just reply to this blog and tell me your actual results for 2013 and your goals for 2014. Keep it brief. In the coming weeks, we will be leading our clients and agents around the country on a massive Goalbushido effort to have everyone complete our Billion Dollar Agent Business Plan.

Client Innovation - Top Secret Project

Shhhhhh.......quiet.......we are launching a Top Secret Project. Currently, only myself and one client who is likely reading this, is aware of the project. None of my staff know yet. Shhhh....

Did you know about our business Orange Passion? See I believe in customer-driven innovation. In this case, one of our top clients has been pushing me for years with an innovation for Best Agent Business to pursue. I am stepping up to the plate and starting down that path next week. Check back in 100 days.

Steve's Musings

Okay, it is 9:46am. Coffee supply ran out this morning and I had to cope with a single Starbucks powder coffee thingie. Not good. Looking forward to 2014. I have my draft goals and will finalize this weekend. Seeking Serendipity in 2014. Toss me some.

P.S. Reading the newspaper in the morning is brain poison. Stop doing that and I am in middle of breaking that very ingrained habit. If I took 365 days times 15 minutes that's about 100 hours or two full weeks of work time saved?!?! Could it really be that much?

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Agent Recruiting Services and What's Coming Up in 2014
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