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I learned to dance by standing on my father's feet, floating around the tile on our kitchen floor with Glenn Miller's orchestra playing on the radio. When I got older, my parents would take us to Lake Robbins which really wasn't a proper lake at all but the location of a big dance hall. I can close my eyes and smell and see the place again. Hardwood floors, faint cigarette smoke, Old Spice aftershave, and ladies perfume. Farmers would don good clothes and women would wear their best dresses. But the dancing is what mesmerized me. Never a misstep, never a fault - to my young eyes, it was sheer perfection. My dad always said if you wanted to be a good dancer, dance with a lot of different people. So I did. And the more people I danced with, the better I became. 

Working at Best Agent Business is like going to a different dance every day. We try not to step on anyone's toes and we try to improve in everything we do.  Occasionally, we all learn a new dance and it takes us awhile to get good at it - but we always do because we really like the "music" here at Best Agent Business. 

Occasionally, there are new staff members and we train them to move in the right direction so they too move to the rhythm of our music. They may have to stand on our feet for awhile until they can dance on their own without stepping on toes or tripping! But they gradually learn from other more experienced ones. And clients reap the benefits of our supportive, learning environment.    

Our teams work together in harmony. Not always perfect harmony, but they constantly practice and have the goal of the Big Picture or the "Big Dance" in mind. The "Big Picture" is client retention and business growth. We want you to hear the sound of money in your bank account, accompanied by the sound of your phones ringing off the hook with new leads and the smiles of your happy clients. 

Perhaps more importantly, we will gift you with time to accumulate memories of music and dancing with family and children of your own. 

Best Agent Business can help you dance to the music again. Take our hands and dance with us. Want to take your first lesson?  Schedule a call with Steve Kantor. Steve can show you how part-time virtual assistance can help you free up your time for the part of your business you enjoy the most: meeting people and selling real estate. Interested in a part-time career with us? Visit our employment website for more information.




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Dance with Us
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