Hit Or Miss With Email Response

email logoCommunicating by email to potential clients is one of the most inexpensive and effective methods of cultivating relationships and sales in today’s technology.  However, there is a “catch.”  Email communication must follow some basic ground rules or it will backfire and actually turn potential clients away.  Many agents spend large portions of their marketing money for web sites and auto responders, thinking that they are ahead of the game, but this is true only if the auto responding is managed well.

When answering an email request from a potential client, pay attention to the following tips:

 The delete button is hit quickly for generic emails.  Emails with generic wording such as, “Thank you for your email which is very important to me, but I can’t answer right now. I will get back to you as soon as possible,” is not effective.  Clients do not want this impersonal mail cluttering their mail box.  They will delete it.  Best case scenario is to answer each email request personally or use an assistant to answer the emails personally with a note that you will follow up quickly.  If the number of responses dictates using an auto response, at least use a program that will create responses inserting the sender’s first name.

Emails should be short and concise.  Answer the prospect’s questions and save the pitch for a later date.  If a potential client has to weed through information he didn’t ask for, he may give up before finding his answer.  This is not the time to flood the potential client with every bit of your marketing material.  You may insert a link at the end of a message that takes the reader to more information if they choose to follow it.

Respond to email requests promptly.  Many agents receive listings because they are the first person to respond or sometimes the only person to respond. Check your inbox frequently and do not put off responses.  If you must postpone an answer, at least send a quick personal email and state that you will get back to the sender with more information as soon as possible.  The sender will base his first impression of you and your level of commitment and service based on the promptness of your reply.

The tips listed above are common sense, and the most frequent reason agents fail to follow them is stated as, “not enough time”.  NOT using email responses effectively, however, costs much more than lost time.  It makes business sense to hire a virtual assistant to insure that responses are personal, timely, and effective.  The cost of virtual assistance is recovered many times over with the increase in successful results from email communications.

Best Agent Business has years of experience in providing assistance with email marketing and communications as well as many other valuable services to agents.  Schedule a free call today with Steve Kantor, President, Best Agent Business, to discuss how virtual assistance will expand your marketing success.


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