Increase Net Profits and an Easy Extra $50-$100K

Do you want to increase the net profit of your business? Of course you do. Do you want to do accounting and finances and monthly financials of income statements and budgets and balance sheets? Of course you likely CRINGE at the mention of those. We have a solution. The answer of wanting to increase net profit but not LIKING dealing with finances and accounting is to delegate the not-fun monthly finances and accounting in QuickBooks to Best Agent Business. We are doing this for about 5 of our 100+ clients and they LOVE IT.

See a short video on our Accounting Services to Increase Net Profit HERE. If you want us to get you organized, or take over from you doing this monthly task, or consider having us replace your current QuickBooks person, email me.


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Client Marketing - Extra $50-$100K Easily

Almost every client or lead I spoke to this week is leaving $50,000-$100,000 GCI from Client/SOI/Vendor marketing on the table. It also happens to be the most PROFITABLE market segment.  

A typical example is a client who has 500 Client/SOI/Vendor and should be getting 4-10% or 20-50 deals per year from that group. They report to me they are getting 25 which is on the low-end. If they do the basics, they should add another 10-20 deals per year which is also the EASIEST type of deals. I believe that the fall season from Oct-Dec is the best time to focus on rebuilding Client/SOI/Vendor when business is slower. Start now.

Steve's Musings

Sharknado. I am proud to remind you that I randomly watched the first Sharknado showing and my family thought I was crazy when I said it was AWESOME. The next morning I found out that MANY people had the same reaction and it went wild. Well, block off this Wednesday 7/30/14 to watch Sharknado 2.

P.S.  Did you ever wonder how we manage/lead over 135 part-time assistants around the world organized into 10+ teams with 25 mentors? Come with me behind the curtain...

Best Agent Business is part of Lifebushido which is all about THIS. The people who work with Lifebushido are called Ishidos. We have an Ishido Ratings system which involves all Ishidos rating everyone they work with monthly on a scale of 1-5. We use this to review performance issues, fire people, and identify people to become Mentors and Team Leaders. See HERE for a peek at our internal system. We have over 1,000 unique ratings. This is the power of Lifebushido. In fact, Best Agent Business is powered by Lifebushido. Still have questions? Do you think maybe this kind of system can work in your business? Call me, email me, reply to this blog. I can help.

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Increase Net Profits and an Easy Extra $50-$100K
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