Your Wish List for Fall of 2013

Your Wish List for Fall of 2013What are your top three wish list items to accomplish this fall? Reply to this blog or email me  RIGHT NOW and tell me. They must be items which you are 100% in control of accomplishing. For example, something that either you can spend $X and get it done, or spend X hours of your time and get it done. It cannot be something like sell 10 or 100 homes. It must be something that you have 100% control to make happen - no excuses.

I will review your three wish list items and respond with my suggestion, based on my knowledge of your business, of which would have the most positive impact and why, as well as how Best Agent Business can help - even just as a cheerleader.

In case you did not know, if you're a client, you have over 140 people at Best Agent Business who are constantly wishing you the best in your business and life and we are doing everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Segments for Your Business - Stick to Three

Speaking of picking 3...most real estate agents are all over the place. They have 5-10 marketing segments and a crowded mental wish list of another 5-10. Focus is better. We advise you to have three marketing segments:

  • Client Marketing: Marketing efforts to Clients/SOI for repeat/referral should get 60-80% of business.
  • Seller Leads: Choose one direct seller lead marketing segment such as Expired/FSBO if you are a true salesperson, or Farm Marketing if you are not.
  • Listing Marketing: If you are spending $200 per listing on marketing labor/advertising, you should double it immediately. Have us post your listings more frequently on more sites and do more postcard mailings around your listings. This is the cheapest way to generate valuable buyer leads.

If you are doing the above items well, only then would we consider that you evaluate doing Buyer Web Lead Marketing. I would be happy to prove that 90% of agents who spend more than $100 per month on Buyer Web Lead Marketing are getting a much lower return on investment than the other three methods above. A true businessperson faces reality.

Best Agent Business Secret Sauce

I asked one of my Ishidos this morning a funny question. She has been working with me for a few years. I asked her, "why are you still working with me?" The answer was, "interesting, challenging, and I get to work with people I like." Sounds pretty good to me. Did you know we fire 50% of the people we hire within 30 days? That is part of our secret sauce. We only have A and B players. We do not have any C players. Our ratio of A to B players is undergoing constant kaizen. Smart people like to work with smart people.

Like this blog? Do us a favor and “like” us on Facebook. Would you like help identifying ways you can improve your Marketing Strategy? Reply to this blog and we can get started. For more information on how Best Agent Business can help you streamline your marketing, time management and many other aspects of your Real Estate Business, subscribe to our videos, visit us at, call (202) 297-2393, or e-mail us at:





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Your Wish List for Fall of 2013
What are your top three wish list items to accomplish this fall Reply to this blog or email me RIGHT NOW and tell me. They must be items which you are 100% in control of accomplishing For example, something that either you can spend $X and… more
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