What Are Client Testimonials and Zillow Leads Worth?

What Are Client Testimonials and Zillow Leads Worth?Do you want more Client Testimonials for your marketing efforts? We can help.

Videos - Short 2 Minutes - Watch Now: Lead Capture - each lead worth $100.

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Get More Client Testimonials-
I would like to see you get a Client Testimonial for every possible client closed during the past few years. You can use them for marketing on Zillow/Yelp testimonials, buyer/seller presentations, website, emails, videos, and more. Here are the steps:

  • We review/update your Client ABC and Client - Closed 2013, 2012, 2011 people in your database.
  • We add new tags for Testimonial - Completed, Testimonial - Ask, Testimonial - Declined to tag the ones you already have and have you target the best 10-30 to ask.
  • We call and email all the Testimonials - Ask with a normal Client Service call, just like when we call monthly, to get feedback and confirm they were very happy. If they confirm they were happy, we ask them for a written testimonial.
  • We follow-up with the testimonials promised and track them down.

I believe that each Client Testimonial you get is easily worth $100-$500 in marketing value. If you need to update or get more Client Testimonials, and you're already a client, ask your Key Assistant to allocate 10-20 hours of calling to get more Client Testimonials. If you're not a client but would like our help with this, please e-mail me, call me, or reply to this blog.

Zillow Leads Are Like Sign Calls-
I hear more and more feedback that Zillow leads are closer to sign call leads than buyer web leads. I think one Zillow lead is worth perhaps 2-5 regular Boom/Tiger/Commissions Inc buyer web leads. Click
HERE for a blog that will give you some Zillow ideas.

If you're a client, please ask your Key Assistant to make sure that your Zillow leads are going to a Lead Management email address for your business, rather than your personal email. If your name/domain is bobjones, have us create leads@bobjones.com and have that automatically forwarded to both you and leads@bestagentbusiness.com so that we get your Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com leads at the same time you do and can add them daily to your database. Otherwise, Zillow leads are super easy to lose, and they won’t get into your database if you do not enter them or don’t send them to us. If you're not a client but would like our help with this, e-mail me, call me, or reply to this blog, and I'll be happy to help. Remember, Top Producer, for example, is owned by Move, which is a competitor of Zillow. That is why they don't play nice and have an auto-feed like Realtor.com. For clients, I would like us to review the past 1-2 years of Zillow leads and have us start calling any which were not in your database already and you are unclear of their status.

Steve's Musings
If you have a client who raises a Red Flag based on their actions that they are toxic or a potential problem, it is very, very, very likely that they are

P.S.  Do you use Buyer's Agents? I want to test a new Buyer's Agent Management concept that involves the Buyer's Agent paying $99/month for service rather than your giving them our service for Systems and Accountability for free. We guarantee results. Reply if you want details - looking for a few Rockstar Rick agents with three or more Buyer's Agents.

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What Are Client Testimonials and Zillow Leads Worth?
Do you want more Client Testimonials for your marketing efforts? We can help Videos - Short 2 Minutes - Watch Now: Lead Capture - each lead worth $100 Subscribe to our channel and watch short video ideas on your phone/tablet HERE … more
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