Be Proactive With Client Service

Be Proactive With Client ServiceQuestion of the Week - Please Reply

If you're a client, when you get your periodic touch-base calls from Client Services at Best Agent Business, what is your reaction and how does it impact your view of our company?

Proactive Client Service Helps Seller and Client Relationships

If you're a Best Agent Business client, you know that we have a separate Client Services group that calls you periodically to touch base, make sure things are going okay, and identify any needs to improve your happiness with Best Agent Business.

Do you proactively call your Sellers for Seller Feedback to touch base? Do you proactively call your hundreds of Clients/SOI to touch base? We strongly believe that proactive client service touches builds a long-term positive relationship that will lead to more repeat and referral business. At Best Agent Business, we practice what we preach and invest in proactive client service touches. Can we help you?

Your Unique Talents and Creative Marketing

Do you have any unique talents or resources which could be applied creatively to your real estate business? If you have a skill or hobby or resource/connection which you THINK may be useful, call me, email me or reply to this blog to share with me to brainstorm. For example, I have a client who has a side business with their Rolls Royce limousine and we are coming up with creative overlapping ideas to offer it as a  resource for Clients/SOI.

Lead Management - Creative Ideas to Make This Work for Your Business

Never give up - that is what Winston Churchill said and what Best Agent Business says. We will never give up with our goal of having all of our clients with perfect Lead Management systems and working every single lead fully to maximize profits. Yes, we are a broken record.

We have recently created a few creative new ways to make it easier for you to capture all your new leads and follow-up fully with current leads until they buy or sell. Email me, reply to this blog, or schedule a call if you'd like to discuss. If you have not felt our previous systems were exactly right for you, we have some new easier approaches for Lead Management.

Like this blog? Do us a favor and “like” us on Facebook. Would you like help identifying ways you can improve your Marketing Strategy? Reply to this blog, and we can get started. For more information on how Best Agent Business can help you streamline your marketing, time management and many other aspects of your Real Estate Business, subscribe to our videos, visit us at, call (202) 297-2393, or e-mail us at:




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Be Proactive With Client Service
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