Seller Leads Deserve More Respect and Real Estate Webmasters

Seller Leads Deserve More Respect and Real Estate WebmastersSeller leads deserve more respect and attention from you.

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Seller Leads - Watch Closely
As you grow from yourself to a team to a large team, Seller leads are more and more important for your profitability. Here are some problems and solutions:

·         Pile of Seller leads in Top Producer or other DB: We often run into someone who has 500+ leads coded as Seller in DB with no clue of status. We do not know which are Dead, Closed, or Seller ABC, or Lost due to Price or Lost due to Compete. A big mess. An expensive mess. Having notes is not useful, we need to recode them as Seller - Dead Lead, Seller - Lost Compete, Seller - A, Seller - B, etc.

·         Not Even in Database: Every Seller Lead is worth $1,000 of GCI to someone within a year, just as a simple estimate of $6,000 commission and 20% of seller leads list and sell with someone within a year as estimate. If you do not complete a Lead Sheet and capture the lead by sending to us to enter in your DB, or entering it yourself if you're not a client, you just lost a chance at $1,000 if it gets lost in your piles of files.

·         No Calling: Are you failing to call your Seller-B and Seller-C leads who say they will decide in a few months whether they will be selling? Or they are unsure they are selling? Spend $50/year and let us call and mail to them monthly.

·         No mailing: If you have Seller leads, we should be mailing to them monthly a proof of production such as a Just Sold card with solid testimonial.

It always amazes me that agents will spend $200-$300 for radio leads and then fail to spend the $50 incremental to call/mail to the Seller-B and Seller-C leads coming from the radio or other sources which are not NOW business.

Real Estate Webmasters - Awesome Buyer Website
A few of our clients are at a San Diego conference for Real Estate Webmasters. REW is an awesome buyer web lead system with more of an SEO focus. See If you are a client thinking of adding a $1,000-$3,000/month Big Buyer Business system, always discuss with me the options you are considering. If you're not a client, feel free to respond to this blog or call me to discuss anyway. Often, you should be spending that money on Seller lead generation instead of buyer web lead generation. This mistake is made by 50% of large teams.

Steve's Musings
Sunday April 28th was a special day. I got to meet two Ishidos, Jen and Kate, for brunch. I have only met five Ishidos of over 130 people who currently work with Lifebushido. Then, we got to stop by a
Wedding Show event sponsored by client Keri Shull.

P.S. We published another ebook on Amazon Kindle. See Bookbushido - Entrepreneur Business Book Notes. Tell me what you think. This is a series of book summaries of many business books that I have read.

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Seller Leads Deserve More Respect and Real Estate Webmasters
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