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How often do you Google search yourself? If the answer is less than every 6 months, or worse, NEVER, you need to make it a habit of doing it regularly to see what your clients see.

Is your personal Facebook page coming up with pictures from that crazy party last weekend? Is your office and contact information too hard to find? Your LinkedIn never updated from two offices ago? Hopefully not, but you'd be surprised what we find when people ask us to do a Search Profile on them. If you want us to do this for you and give you a list of improvement suggestions, just ask. Oh, and yes, we can also fix a lot of these problems for you as well.


We Can Mystery Shop Your Website

How about your website? We see hundreds of them and you only generally only see a few. Plus, it's human nature to not be able to see flaws in our own work, so it's always better to have an independent unbiased party look instead. Would you like some unbiased advice on how to improve it? We offer this service to act as a Mystery Shopper of your website which only takes about 1-2 of our work hours and will gain you great insight. Just reply if you would like us to do this for you. Here is an overview: 

  • You tell us which website to mystery shop
  • We will assign an assistant who will pretend they are a potential buyer in this coming year
  • They will review your website as a normal consumer and make comments on what they like and do not like and offer suggestions in writing
  • They will complete a buyer lead inquiry form looking for information on buying a home
  • They will track the speed and quality and responsiveness of your reply during the first week from when they completed the inquiry form
  • You will receive a Mystery Shopper Analysis of how you did and how you can improve within 10 days of asking us to start
  • If you'd prefer, we can generally make improvements for you to your template-based website as well.

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