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Get the Word Out With WordsThe Publishing Team is the heart of writing, editing, websites and graphics at Best Agent Business. As any true writer knows, the backbone of good writing always includes brainstorming and research, which are key components of the Publishing Team. Publishing Team members stretch their minds and fingers to create unsurpassed work on behalf of some of the top realtors in the country.


The Publishing Team has actively worked on books such as ‘Beyond Belief – Journey to a Miracle’, ‘Make Millions and Make Change’, ‘Billion Dollar Agent’,’ Make a Commitment – Soar To Success in Real Estate’, ‘What You Focus on Grows’, and more. We are able to write content and professionally edit any text. We also work actively on distribution, marketing, printing, and book cover designs. Every aspect of the book publishing process passes our way from the time it is an idea in the author’s head until it is a book on the shelf, or an eBook available for download.


Additionally, we proofread and edit both internal and client documents and memos. We are available for any of Best Agent Business' more creative needs which include, but are not limited to:


1. Writing and Editing Services - We will proofread or publish your book or e-book. We have editors available to proofread your documents. We can create and publish your monthly or weekly newsletter. We can also distribute your book for you.


2. Transcription Services - We transcribe audio files and webinars.


3. Cover Art - We can create covers for any of your publication needs. Our clients have been extremely pleased with our quick, professional, and imaginative designs which have attracted buyers for their books across the country.


4. Press Releases on Credentials - Our clients regularly pursue additional certifications and new opportunities. The hard work and time they invest in these certifications shouldn’t go unrecognized by their clients. The Publishing Team is trained and experienced in writing and submitting press releases on local and national levels. Advertising your new certifications helps build your credentials and opens your agency up to a new client base. We have already submitted releases for Certified Distressed Property Experts, Divorce Specialists, and Luxury Marketing Designations. Let us know what your new credential(s) are, and we will make sure to spread the word.


5. Press Releases on Agent/Agency Accomplishments or Anything Else – There could be any number of things happening around your community that could attract new clients or persuade current ones to go ahead and buy (or sell). A new hospital or branch of a college is built, a high school is listed amongst the country’s best, a new commuter highway is finally completed. Be sure the happenings of your area that make it a great choice as a home are publicized to your clients. You may think it’s a small thing that your agency participated in or sponsored a local charity event, but it helps tell potential clients who you are by your actions. If a local newspaper has already written about it, you need to post a link on your website or, better yet, write about it yourself. If you don’t have the time for this or your writing skills aren’t the best, the Publishing Team certainly can help.


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Get the Word Out With Words
The Publishing Team is the heart of writing, editing, websites and graphics at Best Agent Business As any true writer knows, the backbone of good writing always includes brainstorming and research which are key components of the Publishing Team… more
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