What's New This Week at Best Agent Business

What's New This Week at Best Agent BusinessWe have exciting 'bushido' this week - our first video Client Newsletter from Best Agent Business! We are rolling out very short 1-2 minute videos to easily view on smartphones and here are a few of our first:

Time Management Challenge: You are only doing three things at work: Meeting, Calling or Other. How do you improve the mix? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iluJS824XRo.

Steve Home Office Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjrBf3H7mwE

Video Tips from Best Agent Business:
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Thank you to client Mark Stock and Ron Rubin who pointed out that Hyper Harrys are never going to read this blog and video is better. All your feedback is appreciated, along with suggested topics. If you post a comment, you will get a special gift. By the way, feel free to friend me at http://www.facebook.com/stevekantor007.

Client Contest: The first three clients who do a video and post on YouTube giving a quick tour of their office will each win some home-baked brownies from our team. Just be sure to tag your video with 'Best Agent Business' and 'homeofficetour' and reply to this blog today.

Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto - Project Launched for New Book in 2013: We have launched! Watch this blog space; interviews begin in January and as a Best Agent Business client, you will receive interviews as they happen before the book is published. Trust me, if you thought Billion Dollar Agent was a game-changer, our goal is to disrupt the market for top agents making over $500,000 GCI around the country. Here is a peek:

  • Connect with Steve for Interviews: Connect with me via email to any agent over $1,000,000 GCI in 2012 who qualifies for an interview for Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto. They can be in your market or somewhere else.
  • Project plan: You can see a messy project plan shaping up at https://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Billion+Dollar+Agent+-+Management. Kelly Welch will be leading this effort with me. If you have not noticed, Best Agent Business is part of Lifebushido and we believe we have the most open and transparent company in the USA. Over a billion people around the world can read our internal policies and trade secrets. You think I am crazy, huh?

Client Group Call: Join a Client Group Call on Wed or Thu 11:30am-12:00pm with a few fellow top agents. Schedule today: http://bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/Clients+-+Group+Calls.

Steve's Musings: My One Hour Day routine is working fine so far. This morning I was doing that Home Office Tour, working on Metrics for Lifetime Value of Client, and spent 30 minutes doing this blog newsletter. My guess is that my productivity during my One Hour Day is equal to about 4 hours of a typical business owner. Anyone want to join me in this concept?

Like this blog? Do us a favor and "like" it with the icon above on Facebook. Would you like help with finding your Life Bushido? Reply to this blog and we can get started. For more information on how Best Agent Business can help you improve other areas of your time management, marketing, and many other aspects of your life and Real Estate Business, visit us at www.bestagentbusiness.com, call (202) 297-2393, or e-mail us at: sales@bestagentbusiness.com.




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We have exciting 'bushido' this week - our first video Client Newsletter from Best Agent Business! We are rolling out very short 1-2 minute videos to easily view on smartphones and here are a few of our first: Time Management Challenge: You… more
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