Are You Creating Contagious Ideas?

ideas - Best Agent BusinessDan Zarrella, of HubSpot, is a social media master who has written several books about using social media for marketing.  His latest book, Zarella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas, condenses his many years of experience and research into some valuable advice we can use in real estate marketing.

I was convinced to read past the first paragraph of Zarella's Hierarchy when I realized this book was not just another "solve all of your marketing problems with social media" tome.  It was based on experience and data analysis.  In fact, Dan states in his introduction that much social media advice is "unicorns-and-rainbows advice".  The advice sounds good, but is based only on guesswork.

"Contagious ideas" are those ideas or statements that are passed along - they are retweeted, linked, emailed, forwarded and liked.  Exactly what you hope will happen to your marketing statements!  Dan Zarella describes the Hierarchy of Contagiousness in three steps:

       People must be exposed to your idea.

       People must pay attention to your idea.

       People must be motivated to act on your idea.

He then elaborates on how to achieve these three steps when using social media and his advice is based on experience and analysis of data.

In regards to exposing your idea, Zarella states that it has clearly been shown that it is more effective to broadcast your idea to a large distribution list and let the numbers sort out, than to hand select a targeted list.  Build up your distribution lists on email, Facebook, or Twitter.  It may make sense to purchase a mailing list based on geographic location or market.

Other points that the author makes regarding drawing attention to your idea include listing your authority.  Zarella notes that you should not be shy about pointing out your expertise.  A study on Twitter showed that those who used the label "official" had 200 more followers than average.  Other labels of authority that increased followers were founder, speaker, expert, guru, and author.

According to Dan Zarella, when you write in social media you should talk as yourself, but not about yourself.  Zarella has conducted several focus groups about why people read blogs and he states, "What they're interested in is the author's unique point of view, the perspective that only that specific person could have."

The best timing for posting blogs and social media comments on Facebook or Twitter is an interesting topic addressed by Zarella.  He refers to "contra-competitive timing" which means posting when there is less competition for attention.  For instance, blogs posted on the weekend receive more comments than blogs posted Monday - Friday.  In a data analysis that involved a huge database of nearly 10 billion email sends, Zarella found that email messages sent over the weekend had click-through rates twice as high as those sent during the week.

It will take another blog to share some of Zarella's ideas about how to motivate readers to take action on your idea, so stay tuned for part 2 in the near future.

The social media virtual assistants at Best Agent Business are constantly updating approaches based on the latest research.  If you would like more information regarding how Best Agent Business can help you market with social media, or the many other services offered to real estate agents, schedule a call with Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business, today. 

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