Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricane Irene - - Do You Know Where Your Backup Is?


hurricane on East Coast - Best Agent BusinessSo - - - most of us didn't bother to use our seatbelts until it became law and we were threatened with fines and traffic tickets.  And, we don't think seriously about backing up our computer files until disaster looms.  With the East Coast earthquake just days behind us, and Hurricane Irene bearing down on some of us - - it may be time to get serious about backing up your computer!

Close your eyes right now and imagine that your office has just been wiped out.  Hard drive is gone, never to be retrieved, all those bits and pieces of saved information on the backup hard drive, and flash drives that were in your desk drawer have disappeared.  Ok - - breathe, breathe - - - stop the panic attack - - don't call the medics - - we were just pretending!  However, doesn't it make sense to consider a wise backup plan now?

We don't need a big disaster to cause this same type of panicky situation.  There are many other ways to lose important data, for example a stolen laptop, a computer virus, a power surge, a small fire, or accidental erasure.  It makes sense to store your data including irreplaceable photos and videos "off-site".  The safest and most convenient off-site location is the internet "cloud".  If your data is securely located in the cloud, it is safe even if the whole office is leveled.  Of course, another advantage to having all of your data stored in the cloud is that you can access it from any computer or mobile device anytime.

There are many, many online backup programs to choose from - a simple Google search for "online backup" brought up pages of choices.  I'd suggest you start by looking at some of the comparisons already provided.  Features such as automatic backup, or the ability to backup more than one computer or to backup both pc's and mac's will be important to some and not others.  Here are some sites to start with - the reviews were done within the current year:,, and

I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say that my business absolutely depends on the information on my computer.  It is critical to make sure that this information is secure.  In the short time that it takes to choose an online backup program that works best for you and uploading your data, you may save your future!

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