Want The Honest Truth?

Remember when ymagnifying glass - search websiteour mom told you that real friends tell you the truth and others just tell you what you want to hear?  How true that can be in the world of websites!  You certainly are not the best judge of your website because you cannot look at the website with an impartial eye.  

How do you get a valid review of the effectiveness of your real estate website?  There are hundreds of high tech evaluation firms and internet experts who will analyze your web statistics.  These may give you some useful information regarding visits, click through numbers, and new visitors, etc.  However, numbers can never show you the whole picture.

You really need to know if visitors to your website are making a connection that will turn into a lead.  You need to know if visitors are getting the information they expected to get from your website.  It is critical to know if your website is effective in producing the results you set as your website goals.

One of the best ways to check your website's effectiveness is to use the "mystery shopper" method.  It is important that you choose a firm that will be objective and honest in their assessment.  Typically the process would be as follows:

  • An assistant is assigned to be your potential client.  The identity of the assistant is not revealed to you or your staff.  The assistant browses your website with the perspective of a person intending to purchase a home within the year (or another perspective that you wish your site tested on).

  • As the assistant uses your website she will note what she as a "normal person looking for a house in your area" liked and disliked.  She will note the positive and negative aspects of your website.

  • The assistant completes a buyer lead inquiry form regarding information on buying a home and the firm tracks the speed and quality of service for 7 days following the inquiry

  • An analysis and summary is created listing all of the information regarding your site and suggested improvements.

This mystery shopper approach goes beyond statistics.  You will gain the truth of user friendliness and effectiveness of your website directly from a user who is impartial and will not tell you just "what you want to hear."  Best Agent Business has provided "mystery shoppers" to evaluate real estate websites for several years.  Schedule a free call with president, Steve Kantor, to learn more about getting the "honest truth" about the effectiveness of your website.

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Want The Honest Truth?
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