I Work In Real Estate - Why Should I Bother To Write A Blog?

blog   Best Agent BusinessDo blogs really produce results for real estate agents?  Is this just a fad?  Do you really think I’m going to take time away from closing deals to write for the internet?

It is fairly easy to find lists of reasons why blogs are worthwhile.  Some of the reasons listed most frequently are:

     Blogs are search engine friendly.  They increase your online exposure.

     Blogs are interactive and can bring readers directly to your website.

     Blogs are less formal than newsletters and don’t have to be individually emailed.

     Blogs attract readers within your niche and establish you as an expert.

     Blogs allow you to build credibility and create news around your market.

I have no argument with the statements above.  Obviously I believe that blogs are worthwhile or I would not be taking my time to write this one!  I find useful information in blogs and have purchased products and services because of information gained through blogs.  However, I wanted more than a list.  I wanted to find some facts that either supported the listed benefits or refuted them.

I turned to a site that has earned the reputation as the place to find answers to anything in the blogging world, Technorati.com.  Technorati.com was started to help bloggers succeed and was the first blog search engine.  Today it is not only the largest blog search engine and directory, but is a huge full service online media company.  As of today’s count, Technorati.com indexes 1,266,793 blogs of which 3,213 are specific to real estate.

Since 2004, Technorati.com has produced an annual study on growth and trends in blogging.  In my search to find the facts on blogging results, I turned to Technoratis 2010 “State of the Blogosphere.   Here are key findings from the report:

     Blogs are firmly entrenched in the mainstream.  They are here to stay.

     Overall bloggers are educated – nearly half of those surveyed have a graduate degree.

     Blogs are overlapping somewhat with social media, but blogs still carry more influence.

The largest percentage of bloggers are hobbyists – they blog for fun.  However, the next largest category is “self-employeds”.  They represent 21% of bloggers and blog for their own business.  For the most part, this category covers those in real estate who are using blogs. 

The following survey results are of interest in measuring whether blogging is worth the time and effort for those who are self-employed or using blogging to promote a business:

     62% of “self-employeds” reported that they are blogging because it has proven to be valuable for promoting their business.

     57% of self-employeds stated they would blog more frequently in the next year.

     62% stated that they have greater visibility in their industry because of their blog.

     60% said they have sold products or services as a direct result of their blog.

     65% said they were better known in the industry as a result of their blog.

For the first time in the 2010 survey, consumers were included.  When asked about their trust in blogs, it was clear that blogs have become more influential as an information source for consumers.

     39% of consumers surveyed stated that more people will get their news from blogs than from traditional media in the next five years.

     46.1% said that they trust traditional media less than they did five years ago.

     47.1% said that they would recommend a service based on information in a blog.

It is clear with these numbers, that blogs influence consumers and are bringing results to businesses.  The blogging trend is growing, as credibility of traditional media decreases.

In answer to the questions raised above:

     Yes a blog is worthwhile.

     No blogs are not just a fad.

     Yes the time should be spent on producing a blog for your real estate business.

It should be noted, however, that most likely your time is better spent in closing sales, than sitting at the computer writing.  Find a good assistant to write your blogs.  Start by checking with Best Agent Business.  The president, Steve Kantor, has assembled teams of virtual assistants to work specifically with top real estate producers.  Schedule a free consultation call with Steve today.




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