Straight From A Virtual Assistant: A Great “Audit” For You


Best Agent Business checklistWe all know what it is like to have our work scrutinized . . . the dreaded audit.  The word can make you cringe just saying it to yourself.  An IRS audit, employers auditing your past work, your family auditing the choices you make and the things you do, etc.

At Best Agent Business, our Listings Inbox Team does a “good kind” of audit.  We bet no one thought there was even a GOOD type of audit, but we audit the work our real estate clients send us before they ever see the finalized product.  We are the eyes and ears for our clients and associates.

In any situation, it is wonderful to have a second set of eyes to review clients’ work just in case some error was made that their associate was not aware of. This is exactly what we do at Best Agent Business.

The first step, after we receive final work our listing assistant has completed, is to ensure all information is correct on the listing and the information is correct on each web page used.  Our listing assistants create individual grids of all locations of the listing, in case the client wants to send this information to their sellers.  The grids display a unique URL to the property for every site the realtor markets on.

When we review these grids with web links, we audit the listing from top to bottom.  Picture this review just like the times your mother grabbed a white glove and wiped over surfaces in your bedroom to really make sure you cleaned your room!  We ensure there are no spacing mistakes, spelling mistakes, and improper word usage.  We also check to make sure all photo quality is clear and viewable, and that the work our listing assistants are creating for our clients is perfect.

Yes, we are reviewing the work with a fine tooth comb, but we are backing up our associates and always making sure our clients are happy.  This truly is a good kind of audit!  In the event we find mistakes and need to respond to the listing assistant with the errors found, our listing assistants correct and respond quickly and efficiently.  We have the assurance that Best Agent Business will not let errors slip into a listing!

You may sense our enthusiasm for what we do at Best Agent Business.  We have a team of amazing individuals who love what they do and know how to do their job.  This job gives us the pleasure of feeling like we make a difference because WE DO! The Listings Inbox Team is proud that we truly function as a team, using our unique talents with the purpose of helping our clients.

So the next time you hear the word “audit” – please know that word doesn’t make our clients cringe.  They often voice their appreciation for our thoroughness and attention to detail.  We welcome you to explore the “great audit” service provided by Best Agent Business.  Schedule a call with Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business, today for a free consultation on the many services provided to top producing real estate agents.  


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