Do You Know Where You're Headed?

compassIf you were going to hike on an unfamiliar path, you might want to take along a map and a compass.  The map would help you to identify your current position and aid in plotting out a course.  The compass would allow you to orient yourself.  However, both the map and compass would be of little use if you did not know where you were headed.  To avoid wandering aimlessly, you would need a clearly defined destination.  Otherwise, you don't know where you are headed.

Like a hiker lost in the forest, you are in no better shape if you lack a marketing plan or have one that is too vague.  If you have been wandering into unfamiliar territory with your real estate business - Best Agent Business can be your map and compass to put you back on the path to success and help you clearly establish your destination! 

Many real estate professionals have five to ten marketing segments and a mental wish list of five to ten more. But a "detailed map" is always better. The three main marketing segments that a real estate agent should focus on are as follows: 

  • Client Marketing - Use marketing efforts to clients and your sphere of influence to earn repeat or referral business. This will result in 60 to 80 percent of your business.
  • Seller Leads - Real estate agents should choose one direct seller lead marketing segment such as expired listings or for sale by owner properties if they are a true salesperson. If an agent does not excel in sales, they should focus on farm marketing.
  • Listing Marketing - Look at how much you are spending on marketing labor and advertising per listing.  Whatever that number is, a real estate agent should double it immediately. Post the listings more frequently on more sites and send more postcards and related mailings for your listings. This is the cheapest way to generate valuable buyer leads.

Do you know where you're headed?  If you are interested in learning more about Best Agent Business, which provides real estate virtual assistants to top agents, please contact us today.   Schedule a needs assessment call with Steve Cantor, to learn how our experienced home-based real estate virtual assistants will point you in the right direction.  Our compass and map for your success is just a phone call away.  You'll arrive at a successful destination in record time and never be lost again!

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