Hire The Best – And The Best Will Set You Free!

hire, hiring, candidateAs an experienced Human Resources recruiter, I've searched out, interviewed, and hired my share of good candidates who have become extremely successful for their various companies. I've also hired more than my share of bad ones who didn't last a month.

Since joining Best Agent Business in August 2010, I've seen a whole new side of what a successful hiring process can look like. Steve Kantor has developed a unique process for finding the most capable people to meet his clients' virtual assistant needs, with little to no turnover. Having gone through this hiring process myself, I know just how rigorous and thorough it is.

Several parts of the Lifebushido hiring process are distinctive and certainly intrigued my recruiter's mind.

 •    The Job Application - Candidates must complete a questionnaire that requires much thought and effort to do it well. I don't know of many other companies that do this. How a candidate answers these questions reveals many traits including ability to write and think as well as knowledge of a particular area such as real estate. 

•    Personal Biography - To supplement the work history on a resume, candidates outline some history of their personal lives. If the candidate is transparent enough, their life experiences can give you a sense of their energy for life and work, and their ability to overcome challenges.

 •    No Phone Interviews - Although this sounds counterintuitive at first, it's definitely not. It puts all candidates on the same playing field so everyone is evaluated by their abilities and work history, not by how they sound on a phone call.

 •    Rating Other Candidates - I'd never seen this done-having candidates rate other candidates, but there is great value in this.  As I rated other candidates, I learned just how particular Lifebushido is about hiring the best people. If I were president of this company, would I hire the applicant? It gave me ownership in ensuring that I would work alongside only the best qualified virtual assistants.

 •   New Hire Tasks - All new hires must complete several mandatory tasks to show they have the basic skill set required for Lifebushido. Then there are optional tasks to help new hires present any specialized skills they have. In interviews, you can ask experiential questions and get a sense of how well a candidate knows how to perform a task. The Lifebushido process lets you actually see how well the person can perform the task by having them do it.

 •    Sending Daily Emails - How many people have been hired, met their manager, sat down at their desk, and then have not seen their manager again for days-or weeks? How does the manager know how you're doing? How do you know how you're doing? Lifebushido new hires send a daily email of tasks performed to the New Hire Team, which includes Steve Kantor. And these get responses if necessary. It's a great feedback loop for new hires and managers.

There are many other facets to the hiring process, but I feel these six are the key reasons why Lifebushido consistently hires capable people who do outstanding work and stay with the company for years.

Want to have the best people supporting your real estate business so you're free to grow the business? Best Agent Business provides real estate virtual assistants to top agents.  Schedule a needs assessment call with Steve Kantor to learn how our experienced home-based virtual assistants can help you with administrative and marketing tasks so you can spend time on helping your company to grow and prosper.

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