How Often Do You Talk to Your Active Sellers?

How often do you talk to your active sellers?house

After the contract is signed, you shake hands and turn and walk away.  What happens after that?  How often do you touch base with your seller?  If you are like many agents, not enough.  In today's market, many contracts come to an end with no closing.  At this point and time, your client will either renew with you, or they will give another agent a try. 

A key factor in this decision is going to be your communication level with your client during the contract.  Did you keep in touch on a regular basis, or did you simply put a sign in front of the home and leave hoping that it would sell?  Did you share seller feedback? Sellers who get regular updates from their agent are more likely to renew their contract and recommend their agent to others.  A little communication goes a long way with clients.

Personally, I listed my home with an agent who signed on the dotted line, posted a sign, and walked away not to be heard from until the contract was just about up.  Luckily, my home did sell a few days before the contract expired, but during the months it was in place, I did not hear a word from my agent.  They did not routinely call me, and even though my home was shown quite a few times, I never heard of showing feedback or how to access it.  When people ask for referrals, I am quick to refer the agent I used to buy my new home, and I am just as quick to point out the negative experience with my listing agent.

We suggest connecting with your sellers once a week for the first month to ensure they know how to access their showing feedback and to make sure they have no questions for you on the sale of their home.  After thirty days, the calls can drop back to bi-weekly, and you can offer to discuss market strategies such as more competitive pricing with them.   If you get their voicemail, send them a quick email.  This shows your property is your priority.

If you do not have time to reach out to your sellers on a regular basis, let Best Agent Business lend you a hand.  We can touch base with your sellers at intervals that you are comfortable with.  We can even follow up with agents that showed their properties to get feedback for you and your client.  Keeping the communication lines open with your sellers will lead to happier clients and referrals!  For more information on our services, please schedule a 30 minute call with Steve Kantor now. Anyone wanting to learn about jobs, apply here.




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