Have More Leads Than You Can Handle in 2011

new yearsAs we cruise into the week after Christmas, you may be thinking of way to improve your business in 2011 after assessing ways to improve on 2010.  Even if you had a great year, there are ways to tweak your systems in the new year an make better use of your time.  Wouldn't you like to have more leads than you can handle and a way to handle them too?

Calling can be tedious and most agents tire of it quickly, but the truth is that if you are not calling, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not consistently calling your clients and SOI. This is a huge mistake. Did you know that the major source of real estate income is from repeat and referral business?

If you have 300 clients or sphere of influence members in your database, you should be getting referrals from one out of 10 of these individuals resulting in 10 to 30 deals per year. All agents should devote more marketing dollars or sales time to calling their clients and sphere of influence. The most successful agents have a consistent daily habit of two hours of sales calling per day. Are you among the top 20% that spend two hours a day making sales calls?  Or have you gotten so busy with administrative duties that calling has been relegated to last place in your daily schedule?  Surveys show that 80% of real estate agents who make little profit and do not make sales calls.  Are you one of them???

Why not hire our team of expert callers at Best Agent Business to make sales calls for you for two hours a day?  Whether you don't like to call or whether you have other things to do, this can work for you.

Here's what we don't do: Our callers don't call just to ask if your leads have made a purchasing decision.  That can make customers uncomfortable and it also assumes that the individual has all of the information they need to make their purchase.

The Best Agent Business way is best! Our highly trained callers find out what the potential client is looking for and what it will take for you to close the deal when you personally meet with them.  You'll be provided contact information, day and time to best call, names, background - no more cold calling for you!  You'll be able to use this information to move the client relationship to the next level!  Sales!        

Here are current examples of leads that you could be receiving daily in your inbox!  

Notice how our caller provided not only follow-up information but even made an appointment for the agent 

  • Timdrieka xxx - xxx-xxx-xxxx- BAB-SHIRLEY-EMAIL REPLY:  Dear Shirley

12/5/10- We found a home that we were interested in and was wonder could we get more pictures and could set up an appointment to view the house? Xxxxx Dr, Roswell GA, 30076 This is the address for the home that we are interested in. If you need more info contact me via email, or contact my cell phone at xxx , If I'm not available speak to my wife Cherina xxx. Thank you.

12/7/10 Email sent:

I can set you up an appointment with Rick xxx. When are you available to go look at this house? Shirley xxx

Email Response

12/7/10- I will be available Dec.16 to the 20th anytime between in the afternoon. Rick

12/14/10 - I spoke to Rick and he has an appointment set for 12/16/10 at 2:00"

The next lead resulted in a really quick sale - the agent returned the call the same day, showed "Shantell" four houses and she made an offer, it was accepted and closed in 30 days.  Wow!

  • "Shantell xxx - xxx-xxx-xxxx- I spoke with Shantell and she is living in Georgia in an apartment but her lease runs out in March.  She is pre-approved to buy a home. She is looking for a 3-4 bedroom two story in Lawrenceville or Duluth area no older than 1996.  Her price range is under $200,000.  She would like to know more about the areas since she is not familiar with them and would like a call back from Rick to discuss further."

It's just that easy.  No cold calling, no hassles. In fact, the Best Agent Business client who received the leads mentioned above has more weekly leads than he can handle and is now providing them to other agents on referral.   

You can call them, Best Agent Business can call them, or you can have your assistants or agents call them. Every client is worth $500 to $1,000 a year in commission, and that is not even counting referral potential. It costs $5 to $10 for each live-answer call to your clients or sphere of influence.  Take a moment to Schedule a needs assessment call with Steve Kantor, and let our skilled virtual assistants provide you with the hot leads that will free up your time, save you thousands in administrative costs and breathe new life into your business in the coming months!   We want you to have more leads than you can handle too! 

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