OMG, Web Suicide Is Here

rip, smileyAfter working diligently to develop a large friend base on Facebook for a client, I now have to turn people away and encourage them to be fans.  As the client provides services to Realtors® around the country and beyond, developing 5,000 friends is not unusual.  Eventually, people will come to their business page first, but we now redirect a few dozen people daily.  Some may fan them, others are lost.  In these times, not being able to make easy social network connections is a serious handicap in the current business environment when web marketing is considered essential. We know perfectly well that business or fan pages are the way to go.  Like many of you who set up a social network presence as you were learning the ropes, the client acquired a lot of friends who would be better directed on their business page in their early days on Facebook.

This dilemma caused me to smirk as I read an article about the Web Suicide Machine, which allows people to kill themselves off on social networks and "unfriends" the living.

Now, suicide or any form of death does not usually make me smile, but I was fascinated in view of my current dilemma. As I am trying to make more online friends who I hope to connect the client with so they can be real business friends, others are offing their virtual selves by removing content and relationships and sending their "friends" a message that they have committed suicide. Currently, the Web Suicide software cannot completely eradicate one's existence, but by changing the password and the picture along with removing all contacts and contact information, the virtual presence is really gone!

Banners on the site are intriguing.

You want your actual life back?... Improve your relationships, get rid of stalkers... ...So many people you really don't care about... Wanna meet your real neighbors?... Make the switch to a web 2.0 free life...Watch your 2.0 life passing by.. .Say goodbye with dignity... Unfriending has never been so easy.. ...May you rest in a better real life...COMMIT NOW!

Statistics on the site indicate that 130,508 friends have been automatically unfriended and 318,288 tweets have been removed since launching. While a person could manually delete their own accounts, it would take over 9 hours, while the Web Suicide Machine can do it in 52 minutes!  Ironically, a disillusioned social networker cannot always get "suicide on demand"; when servers are busy, the "would-be offed" might get a message saying  "the machine is busy killing someone else, try back later."

As I pondered whether this was "Dr. Kerkorvian goes viral" or "Luddites loot the 21st century," I noted that Facebook is not sending flowers for the "deceased."  Instead, they sent a cease and desist order to the creators of Web Suicide since they consider them as defilers of Facebook's intellectual property rights, and oh yeah, as dangerous to users. The same Facebook that restrict friends does not support the "right to die" by deleting what Facebook considers to be their data!

"LOL" is the first thing that comes to mind when considering this situation.  There are other things to say, of course, but I am ROFL too hard to discuss them today.  Watch this blog for a more serious consideration another day of how to enliven, not kill, your web presence!

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OMG, Web Suicide Is Here
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