Bring Success to Life with Help from Dave Beson

dave besonWhether you make it to the National Association of Realtors Convention this year, or whether you've been there for a any of the last 33, the name "Dave Beson" has been on the speaker's list.  This year, Dave, who usually speaks to standing room only crowds, will introduce the timely topic Survive, Thrive and Prosper in Any Market on November 14 at 11:00 am.

Dave started in real estate as a sales person, training director, and manager, but before long, he was a well known speaker, author, and coach.  He has presented over 2,700 seminars, in 50 states and all around the world, including Mexico, Canada, the Virgin islands, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England and South Africa.  Time and time again, Dave has written and spoken the words that shape new agents into top agents.

One reason for Dave's great success lies in his genuine, back to basics approach.  A good agent comes to the business with integrity and over time, builds expertise and a team to help him or her be successful.  These three things add value for client but many agents do not know how to promote themselves.  David developed the Total Success System to help agents build their value and correctly position themselves in the market.  It's not enough to say you're Number One; you must prove that you have enough value to meet or beat customer expectations.

Dave stresses systems that make the job easier, such as Top Producer or Agent Office for leadletter, write management.  One of his most popular products, LetterWriter, can even assist real estate agents with letter writing for prospecting, follow ups, emails and newsletters.  Compatible with Top Producer 8i,7i and 6i, Agent Office and Agent 200, WiseAgent, Respond and Word, this software offers an action plan plus appropriate letters to fit the situation.

You choose from 4 different series in the LetterWriter program.  LetterWriter Platinum features 7 categories of letters, including testimonial letters, foreclosure letters, marketing letters and follow up letters.  LetterWriter, the basic program has 8 letter categories, including FSBO letters and referral letters.  LetterWriter PLUS has 9 letter categories, featuring open house follow up letters, list building letters and investor letters.  eLetterWriter is a special program featuring special letter categories for tips, holidays, web inquiry follow ups and technology tips.

Regardless of which Dave Benson's LetterWriter program you choose, you will find that all letters are well written and conversational.  This program will save you time and ensure that you stay on top of your mailings - a big part of offering great customer service.  Dave always says that you need to bring success to life; by using the LetterWriter software to help you make your business better, you will find that bringing success to life is a little less challenging.

This software, as well as the many suggestions Dave offers in his Total Success System, are great ways for agents to simplify some parts of their business so they can focus on the parts of their business where they can flex their unique talents.  It makes it easy to delegate customer follow up to your virtual assistant or other team member with the assurance that the correspondence will appropriately convey your desired sentiments.

For more information about Dave and the many tools he offers for real estate agents, visit his website.  If you would like to see how a virtual assistant could be the perfect new team member to put some of these tools to use, check out Best Agent Business  or schedule a call with Steve Kantorto see how a part time virtual assist can transform your business.




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Bring Success to Life with Help from Dave Beson
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