Take a Gratitude Pause

Having an attitude of gratitude is what the Thanksgiving season is about and is a good frame for mind for life.  This weekend, the gratitude that comes to mind might be that the turkey wasn't burned or that you got the Black Friday deal you wanted.  But, as one of our virtual assistant writes, it's deeper than that..

How often do you take the time to focus on what you're thankful for? Daily? Weekly? Ever? Many of uscornucopiaspend so much time and energy focusing on what we don't have and how to get it, instead of taking time to appreciate what we already have - often missing the blessing altogether.

There is nothing wrong with being driven to achieve - that is what likely makes you successful at what you do. Striving toward goals is what allows you to learn more and make progress. However, there is a balance to be struck between looking ahead and enjoying the present - both are critically important to success and happiness. When one becomes more important than the other, you will be out of balance and less happy, in general.

Take a gratitude pause today - spend five minutes making a list of the top 10 things in your life right now for which you're grateful. Try to write down things that you are thankful for right now (not something from the past, or a future hope). Make it a habit to write your top 10 list at least once a week. In the beginning, it might be hard to come up with 10 items, but push yourself. In time, you'll find that as you're more focused on gratitude, your list will grow. As you get more accustomed to this habit, aim to spend five minutes every day focused on gratitude.

Don't allow the stress of daily life or the struggle of a current crisis to rob you of the joy you already possess. Regardless of any trial you might be facing in the present, if you are committed to looking for the positive in your life, you will find it. Doing so makes the difference between just surviving and thriving.

So, what are you grateful for today?

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