What Will Happen if You Go on Vacation?

“I will delegate, and train my team, so I can trust them to run the business without me.” I know I’ve written on this topic before, but it seems especially pertinent now that we’ve been living through the winter from…well, you know…and people are dying to get away from the cold for a bit.

Can your company run without you? Could you go on a vacation for one month and have your company run without you? Do you aspire to build a business that can run and grow without your full-time involvement? What would happen if you travelled for a month with no phone calls and almost no email contact?

Last year, I took a one month travel vacation to Israel, India and Istanbul to test the strength of my own business, staff, and systems. I had a fantastic vacation, fully cleared my mind of work and business, spent time with my family, and came back refreshed and recharged.

I sat down about a week after my return and wrote down some personal musings. Some of these related to business and some related to life outside of the business. As a fellow entrepreneur seeking to build a business that can run without your constant presence, I am sure you will relate to many of these:

  • The lack of a schedule and structure leads to wandering. That is not healthy, productive or helpful.

  • I enjoy sales calls and speaking to people. If there is too little, I miss it. If there is too much, I get burned out. There is an ideal mix of sales calls and meetings.

  • Client service issues are depressing, demotivating, and time sucking. They impact salesperson confidence.

  • Closing sales does not happen enough without my personal involvement. I need to have systems that will constantly increase the percentage of sales that close without my direct involvement. I also need to constantly reduce the time I spend on closing a sale.

  • A client who has been with us for over 100 days and is not ready to provide a written testimonial is a problem. All clients need to be fully engaged and happy by day 100.

  • You need to always Kaizen or things fall apart. If you are not improving, your business will fall apart. There needs to be constant Kaizen, constant incremental improvement.

  • I dislike dealing with small, operational items which distract and cause stress. Stress is caused by nagging little items I know need to get done. I need to get things off my plate constantly.

  • I hate negativity in the morning. I need to wake up at my target of 5:15 a.m. to have peaceful mornings and solid focus.

  • Wasteful addictions such as reading a newspaper in the morning, watching TV in the evening, or eating food late at night need to stop.

  • After being away for a long time, there are daily habits that may have fallen apart. I need to restart them.

Here are some of the questions and issues I thought about when I returned from my travels that you should think about too:

  • What questions should I ask myself when I reflect on my month of travel?

  • What questions should I ask Ishidos and team leaders?

  • What unique talent is missing from the business?

  • What skills or aspects of my talent were missed the most? Basically, what important roles do I have in the company?

  • What business systems are the weakest and need improvement?

  • Which Ishidos stepped up to the plate or decreased effort/productivity in a negative way?

  • What authority was not fully delegated and needs to be delegated in the future?

  • Was there any confusion over roles and authority that caused tension? Was there anything that was not resolved or handled fully?

  • What else would you need to delegate or improve for you to safely take a one month vacation?

For your own peace of mind, vacation, especially during a long vicious winter, can be a necessity. Remember what you can gain by reviewing the good and bad while you’re gone so the next time you go, it will be smooth sailing indeed.

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