Client Case Study: Lead Lessons

Will you send me a photo or short 10 second video of your office desk area? No, really. I am sharing some Lead Lessons from a few client case studies this week. Put them all together and the lesson is Stop Wasting Leads. You can email it to me or reply to this blog.

So when I asked you to send me a photo a few seconds ago, was your reaction of pride to show off your organized physical space? Or was it one of dread, guilt, or laughter of NOT wanting to show off the piles of files and papers and junk in your physical space? Go ahead....share.

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Meet Steve for Breakfast or send a fellow agent who is in Washington DC area

They (my staff) do not let me out much from my home office in Bethesda, MD. A few times a month, I meet with clients or prospects for breakfast. If you have met me under influence of coffee, you know I can be pretty intense.

Lead Lesson: I had a great breakfast last week with a top agent doing $900,000+ GCI and their operations manager. They do over 90% referral business. The lead lesson is that their mental focus on generating new leads for their buyer's agents is misplaced. They should focus on strength first of Client/SOI/Vendor marketing, which likely can still grow by 50%, is the most profitable. The buyer's agents should work the buyer leads from the listing open houses and sign calls/Zillow/Trulia. Max out Client Marketing first.

You can schedule breakfast with me, even if you’re not already a client, HERE. If you are not in the DC area, please forward this email to a fellow top agent in the DC area and introduce me. If they join me for breakfast, I will give both of you a gift of our new book, Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto. 

Client Revive

We practice what we preach and stay in close touch with clients who worked with us and paused/stopped for any reason. We call this Client Revive. Most vendors drop, forget, or remove clients who stopped services. We have ongoing relationships of a monthly phone call and monthly email touch to be there when their needs and circumstances change and they need our services again. Just this week, we had a great client REVIVE and become active again who had started a KW Market Center. Thus, we will likely get referrals to top agents in his office.

BoldLeads - Seller Leads - Home Valuation

We are starting to work with yet another Seller Home Valuation Lead vendor named BoldLeads. See This is similar to Prime Seller Leads and LeadsToday. Do you know any other similar vendors? We support all of them and will summarize our opinion at end of summer.

Steve's Musings

My Perfect Day is not being perfect lately. During the last few months, I have been waking up around 7:00-7:30am instead of my 5:15am plan. This is related to a combination of mild business mindset issues, daughter dropped first period high school class so she wakes up later, wife is waking up later, and the dogs also seem to be waking up later. I am sharing this so you know that I have time management issues also and I need to get my schedule back to a Perfect Day.

P.S.  How many times do you check your smartphone every day? My guess is over 100 once you think about it. Wow. 

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Client Case Study: Lead Lessons
Will you send me a photo or short 10 second video of your office desk area? No, really. I am sharing some Lead Lessons from a few client case studies this week. Put them all together and the lesson is Stop Wasting Leads. You can email… more
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