Everywhere Squirrels and Carlton Lund Does It Right

Everywhere Squirrels and Carlton Lund Does It RightI am so mad today...sorry...see me mad.                

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Fiona Macken - Key Assistant - Introduction to Best Agent Business: OMG - we are not virtual and mysterious - we are real people!

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Pat Hiban - Billion Dollar Agent

I had lunch with Pat Hiban last week to brainstorm some business ideas. His book 6 Steps to 7 Figures is excellent.

Carlton Lund - Billion Dollar Agent - Community Charity Service

I spoke recently with Carlton and wanted to share a key to his success. Carlton invests more time and money in community events, community charities, and community charity than 'normal' marketing. As head of Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, he supports many community efforts. See his recent article HERE and his team HERE. If you would like tips on how to better serve your community, ask Carlton.  Carlton has sold over $2 billion in his career. Carlton and I are hosting a Billion Dollar Agent Retreat on Friday 10/4/13 in San Diego for agents over $1 million GCI in 2012. See HERE for more details.


Steve's Musings 

Yes, I'm writing this on a Happy Friday here at Lifebushido Global Headquarters. Even more fun is that somewhere in Carolina, a few Ishidos are meeting for the first time. I love it when Ishidos meet each other for the first time. 

P.S. So what do you think Squirrelled means? Why is that word special? Watch for future blogs for clarity on what it means and why you are so squirreled.

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Everywhere Squirrels and Carlton Lund Does It Right
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